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Brighten your HR department with these file folder ideas – Tipster Friday

It’s Tipster Friday and Ara has tips about file folders for HR departments today. If that doesn’t seem like an exciting topic, that is exactly the reason you should watch today’s video. Ara has ways to make your file folders more exciting.

I have a special pen that I like to use for everything I write. I keep it in my desk and every time I pull it out to write with it, it sparks just a little bit of happiness as my words glide smoothly along the paper.

Sturdy, colorful file folders can do the same thing. They allow you to keep your files neat and organized, brightening your day a little each time you pull them out or hand a packet to a new employees.

Watch our tipster’s tips for ways to make your file folders something to smile about.

Video Transcript 

Hey everyone! It’s Tipster Friday where I give you tips you’ve probably never heard of. 

So with summer coming soon, Human Resources departments are on the prowl for new blood. Kind of like tigers that give you money if you look tasty. Your HR collateral plays a big role in capturing new talents for your company and file folders are definitely the most useful. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Use bright, bold colors when designing your file folders. Whether it will be used in house or for employees to take home, file folders should stand out when you open your file cabinet. 

Also choose the thickest paper stock available. I suggest 14 point cover stock. It’s very sturdy and will survive the abuse it’s bound to go through. 

Make sure the text on the tabs is easily read. Choose a simple but bold font to grab people’s attention. 

File folders are great for internal organization. Are there a lot of different departments in your company? Have a different colored folder for every department. This will be a huge help in keeping employee files organized. Plus, it makes you look super professional. 

Files folders are also fantastic for employee benefits packages. Again, make the folders brightly colored with your branding at the forefront. Your employees will be less likely to lose important papers. 

That’s all for this week! 

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See you next week!