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Business cards, business cards, everywhere

The HOW Design Conference is coming up June 23-26 in San Francisco. If you haven’t been, and haven’t heard about it, let me give you the Cliff’s Notes version. It is a conference. OK, you knew that part. It is for graphic designers. You probably figured that out too. It is held in conjunction with 3 other conferences. The Dieline Package Design Conference, Creative Freelancer Conference, and InHOWse Managers Conference all overlap throughout the week of June 22-26, under the umbrella of HOW Design Live 2013. will be there, supporting all of our graphic designers, so if you will too, make sure to come visit us. We will be in booth #1829. You can even register to win an iPad for stopping by, (in case our sparkling personalities aren’t enough to entice you.) The lucky attendees at the booth will answer any questions you have about our printing or online ordering process. We can even tell you about our reseller program and how it can save you money on future orders.

The conference will be full of speakers, exhibitors, and chances to see the latest products and trends in graphic design. It will also, of course, offer ample opportunities for networking. It’s a good time to keep in mind that quality business cards can transform the perception of a struggling designer into a trusted professional.

Imagine yourself in a large room full of business opportunities.  Now think about competing for each of those opportunities with 4000 fellow designers.  Whether this room is at the conference or anywhere in the world, a business card can make or break your first impression.

At any event like this, or any event period, you should have them in your back pocket (literally). Even during everyday errands, like going to the grocery store, you could have a chance to promote yourself, your brand, or your business.

You’ll find more information about the HOW Design Conference and our participation, in the press release.

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