Printing Help

Can I Preview Files Before Ordering?

We need to have all the details in place before our software can create an electronic proof. That means we need to know all of the paper options, the page count, the size and trim of the paper, any folding options you might want and if you have special cutting or perforating needs on your order. All of those options are selected when you check out through our online shopping cart and then a job number is created for your specific order. You then upload your artwork and our software renders an electronic proof you can preview.

However, we’ve created detailed templates that you can use to see exactly how your artwork will appear when it’s uploaded to our system. You can download the template for your project here. Once you’ve got the template, you need to use it to prepare your artwork, we include PDF files, Adobe Illustrator files and JPG files for each size and format. We have both PC and Mac files included.

When you open the template, you’ll see three lines on the outside edge. The red line shows the bleed zone, the blue line shows the trim and the green line shows the safety zone. These same lines will appear on the proofs that are created once you place your order and upload artwork, so using our templates allows you to preview how your files will look without having to place your order first.

If you want artwork and graphics to extend all the way to the edge of your page, known as full bleed, make sure they go all the way to the outer red line. We’ll trim the print job on the blue line, but the trim may shift 1/16th of an inch (that’s industry standard), so as a safety precaution you shouldn’t have any text or important graphics outside the green line.

On any folded templates we’ll also have dotted lines showing where the folds will appear and the different panel sizes. Note that the panels may be slightly different sizes to accommodate the folding process. Trust the templates- don’t try to make all your panels the same size if the template is showing different sizes, that was intentional and your artwork needs to reflect it so the finished product comes out looking right.

When you finish previewing your artwork with the templates provided, don’t forget to delete the template layer before you submit the final artwork to us.

Have a custom trim? We can send you guidelines for setting up your artwork to accommodate any custom trim size. Give us a call; we’d love to help. Contact us at 877-405-3949 or online here.