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Cancelling Orders

You can cancel your order any time before your order is sent to press. If you need to cancel, call our toll free customer service number at 877-405-3949 or you can access our Help Center for online assistance.  The bottom line is, give us a call and let us know what’s going on as soon as possible. If you need to cancel or change your order, let us know and we’ll work with you to the best of our ability. Everything that happens in the ordering process prior to you approving the proof copy can be canceled, but as soon as you approve the proof, the order is designated as ready for press.

Refunds are available if we haven’t started production on your order; contact us either through the website or a customer service agent.

In the ordering process there are points where you make a commitment:

  • Select your product and options – No commitment. You can see the price before you decide on anything.
  • Add to cart – No commitment. You can keep shopping for other items and we’ll hold on to your selection
  • Checkout – Commitment. You must create a PrintPlace account and log in to the order form. You will be charged for the price of the order at the time you check out. You can still cancel, if necessary and we’ll refund the money to your original method of payment.
  • Upload artwork – Commitment. You can change your artwork if you don’t like the proof copy.
  • Send to Press – Commitment (full order price). You can’t cancel the order after it has started printing. The automated system will continue to process the order to completion. You can contact customer service to change the shipping method, if you want.

Note that there is, technically, a $15 cancelation fee, according to our terms of service, but contact us if you need to cancel and we’ll work with you as best we can.

When it comes to address changes, UPS charges a fee for shipping address changes after an order has been picked up but not yet received. This fee is passed through to the customer.

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