Ideas for Churches

Commemorating Father’s Day

Dad…Pop…Daddy…Father…Papa…No matter what title he is given, there is no denying how special dads are. They are often the ones who taught us to play baseball, ride a bike, bait a hook then cast into the lake, or drive a car. They are there to walk us down the aisle, show us how to be a man and give us a passion for our hobbies. Yes, dads are pretty special.

What does your church do on Father’s Day to let the dads know how important their role is? Is there a men’s breakfast? Perhaps a sporting event? Baseball anyone?  Is there a special gift for all the fathers who attend that day? The options are many – and so are the ways that can help you promote your Father’s Day Celebration.

  • Business Cards: Use business cards as invite cards to allow your congregation to invite more people to this special event.
  • Postcards: Design a postcard and have print and mail your postcard to the surrounding community.
  • Door Hangers: If you are planning a fun event for Father’s Day and want to be sure to have every seat filled, then let help. We will print door hangers to help you get the word out.
  • Newsletters: Keep dads in the know about all the great men’s activities you have year-round at your church by having help with your newsletters. Not everyone wants to check in on social media to know what is happening. A simple newsletter lets people know what events are coming up so they can plan ahead.

This Father’s Day, let dad know how important and special he is! Have a men’s breakfast, plan a cookout, go watch a baseball game—whatever it is that makes him smile. is here to help you with all your printing needs so you can promote the day and make wonderful memories!

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