How to make your door hanger do more than just hang

Door hanger printing is about more than just a piece of paper. Don’t just hang it. Make it into an interactive marketing piece. Whether you interact with it or let a tear-card do the interacting for you, there are ways to ensure your door hanger is seen and taken seriously. Keep these things in mind and you will have successful door hanger campaign.

Door hanger printing design

The front of your door hanger should catch your customer’s attention immediately. An easy way to do this is with a photo or bold graphic. A clear, easy-to-read headline across the front is also important. Your customer may only glance at your door hanger, so make sure they can quickly read your message.  It’s also important to include the logo of your company on the front of your door hanger.  This is an opportunity to expose the potential customer to your brand.

Only the basics of the event or deal you are promoting should be on the front. The back can include more details along with your business and purpose.

Printing more than a throwaway piece

In addition to the content, the most important thing is that the customer keeps the information. You don’t want your door hanger to end up in the trash. The easiest way to encourage someone to keep it is to create a tear-off.

By simply adding a perforation, the bottom of a door hanger becomes a reasonable size to keep. This allows you to grab attention with the door hanger and hold it with the tear-off.

This perforated piece could be a business card or a coupon to use at your business. It could also act as a ticket to an event you have coming up. Whatever creative way you decide to use it, it’s something a potential attendee can tear off and keep to remember you. With the smaller size, it is more likely to be kept and posted on a fridge as a reminder. An attendee would bring a coupon or ticket with them, which would also allow you to track the success of the marketing campaign.

Call to action

Lastly, make sure to put your contact information on the door hanger. Printing your website and phone number in a conspicuous location gives customers a way to contact with you immediately.

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