Draw more summer business with rack cards





Drinks with little umbrellas in them…

I could go on and on.

Who doesn’t love summer?

It puts adults and children alike in uplifted moods. School is out and family vacations are in. Not everyone gets a break during this peak season though. For those of us still working through the warmth of summer, we have another thought on our minds…

How can you turn these vacationing families into customers?

With any business that benefits from vacationers and tourists, promotion in the right place at the right time is key. Hotels are a good place to start. How do you get your message to hotel guests? What about that rack of cards they are looking at as they wait to check-in? The same one they pass every morning on their way to breakfast? Out of town hotel guests go to rack cards for information on the area and local attractions. Put your business in front of them and they are likely to walk through your door later that day.

Museums, amusement parks, and other tourist attractions all benefit from out-of-town guests who are actively looking for information about local entertainment.

Choose hotels carefully for your rack cards. Keep in mind the demographic you’re seeking. Are you trying to reach families with young children? Look for hotels that cater to the same. Avoid ones that tend to attract business travelers or honeymooners. What price point is the best candidate for your visitors? These are all points to consider when choosing which hotels are the best to place your rack cards.

Rack cards work in more than just hotels.

Consider complementary businesses in your city. They can be an excellent draw when you hit the right audience. Offer to display rack cards from another business in your lobby, in exchange for them displaying yours. Obviously direct competition wouldn’t work, but a mini golf course could cross-promote with an ice cream shop, or a zoo could work with an evening children’s theater show. Creating these partnerships will work in both of your favor and could lead to additional benefits in the future.

Don’t forget your chamber of commerce and city welcome center as well. They are often the first place newcomers go for information and are eager to promote local happenings.

How should you design rack cards to catch traveling eyes?

Before creating your design, check out the rack where it will be stacked. Take into consideration how much of the card will be showing when the rack is browsed. Will the entire front of the card be visible? The top half? Just the top inch of the front? Make sure that portion is enough to grab attention.

Don’t forget contact info and a map for visitors to follow up and find you. Show popular destinations or major highways for easy reference.

A coupon can be the tipping point that pushes a customer into your store. It also allows you to easily track various campaigns so you can continually improve your marketing efforts. It is easy to print a coupon on the bottom of a rack card and an added perforation makes it irresistible to interested customers.

Even more ideas for rack cards

I hope you are enjoying your summer and your summer business! To add rack card marketing ideas of your own, comment below or visit our Facebook page.

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