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FAQ: Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax When Ordering?

Yes, sales tax is required on orders where applicable. As of 2012, Texas charges sales tax on orders shipped to (or picked up in) that state . This is based on the laws of the state, not the policies of PrintPlace.

If you are legally tax exempt, please fill out the correct form and fax it to us at 817-701-3702.


Do not place your order until your tax exempt information is on file. We tie the tax exempt status to your PrintPlace account so it must be correct in our system before the order is placed and paid for to prevent you being charged sales tax. Contact your local tax authority to get a seller’s permit and/or tax exemption number. We must have a valid permit number on file to waive the tax requirements when you check out and pay for your print order.

You are responsible for calculating and paying any sales tax due as a reseller.

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