Five Reasons to Use Door Hangers

If you own a business or are in charge of your company’s marketing efforts, you have probably thought about using door hangers in your efforts.  Door hangers are perhaps the most underappreciated tools in the marketing toolbox.  They can be wonderfully effective, if done right, and they are usually very affordable.  So why are they not more popular?  Probably because people simply do not know how great they can be.  So let’s remedy that situation by going over some of the good things about these little marketing wonders.

People Read Them!
You know all those direct mail items you find in your mailbox?  What happens to them?  I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of them end up in the trash.  And most of them were probably never even glanced at, right?  Well, not so with door hangers.  After all, how can you not read something that you have to physically lift off of your doorknob?  Even if it’s just in route from the door to the trash, they are still being looked at.

Saturate an Area
Door hangers are especially effective for local businesses trying to gain a foothold in the community.  They are far cheaper than direct mail, and (as we already mentioned) are much more effective.  Once you have your door hangers printed, organize a team to go door to door placing them on doors in your neighborhood.  You will probably see a significant increase in local foot traffic.

They Increase Visibility
The key to growing your business is to become known to your target customers.  Experts say that a person has to hear a name at least seven times before it sinks in.  If you are wary of doing a direct mail campaign because of the cost, consider a door hanger campaign as an alternative.  As we already discussed, door hangers get read more than direct mail.  Plus, going door to door placing door hangers is a great way to meet your potential customers face to face.

Cost Cutting Benefits
Door hangers are considerably cheaper than running a direct mail campaign, as long as you go to the right place to have them printed.  There are a lot of very good printers who will do your door hanger printing for a reasonable price and with a very short turnaround.  Shop around and talk to as many printers as you can.  You will find a good one that will do everything you want and more.

If you are targeting a specific area, you can design your door hangers to appeal to people in that community.  Use phrases or images that are particular to that region, and your door hangers will be even more effective.  People like to feel like part of a community, and they like to do business with other members of that community.  So let your customers know that you are in the area and are contributing to the community, and they will be happy to come to you!

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  1. excellent blog, door hangers really are the forgotten tool, thanks for the tips. It has reminded me to put the option forward for my clients.

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