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Graphic Design Tips: Brochure printing

It’s Graphic Design Friday. Tip time. Today, graphic designer, Julie, gives tips on creating an effective brochure. There are several things to keep in mind before printing a brochure. She talks about what content fits best on each section, and how to use photos, colors, and text for the best layout. It’s easy to feel lost when staring at a blank piece of paper, so follow these tips, and you will have ideas flowing for your brochure.

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Video Transcription

I’m Julie with and today I’m going to talk to you about how to lay out a tri-fold brochure. Tri-fold brochure layouts can be a bit confusing, so let’s run through a general layout.

This is your front cover or page one. When you open it, you have panels 2 through 4. This is Panel 5, your inside flap, and then this is your back page or a panel 6.

First, let’s talk about the front cover. This is your title page, so you want to keep it simple and eye-catching. To do this, use more graphics than text, or incorporate a large photo with your logo and slogan.

Now let’s move on to the inside panels. This is where the bulk of your information will go, so again, keep it simple. Organize your information into sections rather than one long paragraph. You want to keep your background subtle and avoid using white text on dark colors. Maximize photos and art whenever possible.

Now let’s move on to the inside flap. Here is where you can include frequently asked questions or additional information, along with graphics or photos. 

Finally, on the back panel, don’t forget to place your contact information and incorporate your logo. For more great ideas about brochures, click the link below, in the description. And if you liked what you heard, don’t forget to subscribe.

I’m Julie with and we’ll see you next Friday for more tips and tricks. 


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