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How To Avoid Design Burnout

However artistically fulfilling it is to churn out one design after another, sometimes we just get burned out doing the same thing over and over. Luckily, there are some simple design reminders that can help us avoid lackluster design owing to burn out – tips that can refresh our creativity and imagination.

Limitations: Use Them

In today’s technologically advanced world of modern design innovations, even beginners can come up with professional looking graphic designs and print media. There just doesn’t seem to be any limits to what Photoshop or other digital design software can do. Though initially inspiring and quite useful, this can end up being detrimental to the graphic designer constantly using such programs.

Limits aren’t just there to hinder your creative juices from flowing freely. You can in fact use them to your advantage. Think of creative ways to get around set limitations and you might be surprised that what results is more effective. Case in point: when Super Mario’s designer chose to dress him up as a plumber with a mustache, red jumper suit, and hat, he didn’t just do it so Mario would be Mario, he did it because it was easier. The overall outfit stood out against the backgrounds of various levels, the ‘stache was easier to draw than a full face, and a hat was easier to depict than a full mat of hair. All the limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment system back then helped make Mario’s image iconic.

But as mentioned earlier, almost all of the popular software today seem to have no limitations. If that’s the problem for you, set your own limits that you won’t go over.

Color Deficiency: Not a Problem

Most newbies in design tend to use a gamut of colors in their work. While there’s nothing wrong with that, too much color can not only overwhelm an audience, it can also get old fast with a designer. Don’t be scared of lacking colors. You’ll find that if you use an absence of colors the right way, you can create a better atmosphere for your design.

Think minimalist. If you reckon your design has too many colors, then it probably does. Eliminate color elements until all that’s left are the essential ones. Use white space as the atmosphere that helps bring more significant elements into prominence.

Stay Outside the Box Longer

Did you think there’d be a “think outside the box” tip? Thinking outside the box is usual. So usual in fact that designers that use this invaluable piece of advice do so sparingly. And in that they err.

It is true that elements that are too radical tend to do more harm than good. But that is because their radicalism doesn’t work for the benefit of the whole. Be creative and imaginative, but always work within the context of what your design is supposed to be.

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  1. Cool article, short but sweet. And I find the suggestions interesting. If I may just add, there’s no point in trying too hard, I mean if you’ve burned out. Let it, then rise from the ashes like a Phoenix would… Drop whatever you’re doing and go outside take breather, smell the roses so to speak. Cheers!

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