Making Friends With Your Clients

As they say, keep your friends close; keep your clients closer…well, something to that effect.

In marketing, the only way for you to draw clients in to your business is to make them feel important. And the only way to do that is to befriend them. If you have more friends then you would most likely have more sales than your competition.

So how does this strategy work?

The core of this principle is actually from the famous author Dale Carnegie. According to him, in order for you to win people to your way of thinking is to make them like you. And they would only like you if you make them feel that you’re really interested in them – how they feel, their issues and concerns, etc.

If you want to sell better and make your marketing collateral work (i.e. business cards, flyers, postcards), you need to focus your attention on the other person and not on yourself. When you try to make a sale, don’t look at your desired outcome. But rather look at how you can sincerely help the other person’s life become more convenient and comfortable.

It’s actually the same thing that the Bible says – love thy neighbor. If you love your neighbor, you want to make him feel special and important.

When you learn to make your clients’ needs the priority in your business, then and then can you truly say that you have had a successful business in your hands.