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The people behind PrintPlace.com: Art department edition

Today’s post will continue my first about the people behind PrintPlace.com, by starting a series to introduce the people that work here. We begin with our pre-press department, otherwise known as our art department. These are the people that make sure your design is going to come out exactly how you intend.

We even shot a video to introduce some of them as well. Our video coordinator, Tim, and I headed to the art department, a small room filled with a few multi-space cubicles. The cubicle walls were brightened by colorful graphic posters and geekery-themed computer wallpaper. After Tim adjusted the camera settings to accommodate the attractive florescent lighting, we set to work asking the four cooperative subjects about their jobs, hobbies, and their typical days at PrintPlace.com.

We learned exactly what the pre-press department does and why it is so important for our customers, as well as digging out some unique talents. Let me put it this way, one of them raises chickens, one has a “same-day order” dance, and another can sing opera, and it is all brought to you by the PrintPlace.com art department.

When an order is submitted on PrintPlace.com, it doesn’t just float into cyberspace oblivion and come out on a machine. We have people checking it every step of the way. Pre-press is one of these important steps.

Sharon, a member of the art department, giggled as we set the camera in front of her, but happily explained what she does. In short, she makes sure each customer’s artwork fits with PrintPlace.com’s guidelines. She checks the bleed, meaning she makes sure your design will extend all the way to the edge of the paper. This ensures a professional look for your products. She also checks the resolution. If a photo will appear blurry, our art experts contact you to check if that was the intent, or if you would like to resubmit the design with a better quality image.

Elisabeth, another art department employee, said her favorite part of her job “is working with customers and helping them, especially when [she’s] able to help teach them something new, or a new trick that makes their job easier.”

She also has a favorite My Little Pony that she shared is Applejack. She quickly correctly Tim that it was not Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash as he thought.

I learned an interesting fact from Matt, manager of the art department. Matt informed me, (as he balanced on the exercise ball that doubles as his desk chair) that the PrintPlace.com presses produce around 100,000 prints an hour. That is a lot of art and design we are sending out into the world.

Ara, the final artistic employee we talked to, was asked to pick her favorite design to ever come across her desk. She hesitated at first, then grew increasingly animated as she described an art nouveau piece she remembers that included Nintendo-like characters depicted in art nouveau fashion. (I learned how to spell “nouveau” just now. Spell check had a hard time figuring out the word I was aiming for.)

We all had such a fun time during the interview that we had to share some of it with you in the video below. Our art team is passionate about what they do. They want you to be satisfied with every order that comes past their desks. The video shows the importance of this department to your order, and a little bit about what makes these people tick. Make sure you watch all the way to the end for Sharon’s impromptu opera singing. It’s amazing!


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