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Dante, Creative Director,

I’m pretty sure everyone around thinks I spend a lot of time playing on Facebook. I do spend time on social media at work, but  it’s because I’m actually working. I know. I’m pretty lucky. My job involves messing around on social media. OK, it is actually more involved than that, but it is a fun job.

Another part of my job that may already be familiar to you is the Blog, which you are currently reading.

I’m one of several people that make up our marketing department (recently renamed the “creative agency”). We are each responsible for communicating with you in different ways. Whether through writing, video, or design, we are the reason you know about It may look like we are just a website, but behind the scenes, there are real people, who are passionate about printing, working to make sure you have all the latest and greatest information about printing.

Marketing Designers,
Overall, we like what we do and our coworkers, so it makes a great place to work!

That’s why we took this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. I wrote and Tim filmed, as we created a spotlight video and blog post, this time, about ourselves.

In the video you get to see why we like working at You’ll also learn things like why Tim has a giant tennis ball on his desk, and what we really think about being in all his PrintPlace videos.

As we were filming, I even learned a few new things about my coworkers. I found out that constant cups of coffee help Dante, our creative director, get through his day, and chocolate gets Tiffany, our affiliate manager, through hers.

Overall, we like what we do and our coworkers, so it makes a great place to work!

Here is the resulting video of the marketing department (aka. creative agency) at I hope you enjoy it!

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