Earth Day Tree
Inside Printing for a greener planet

Printing is only one industry that has made strides in protecting the world’s natural resources in recent years. Many companies and individuals are changing their ways to help. To celebrate Earth Day, we thought we’d show you what does every day to help sustain the world we live in.


Green living and sustainability have been given more attention lately and more people than ever are making an effort to protect our resources in every small or big way they can. We like to make our contributions at where we can too. From our offices to our printing practices, we have policies in place to help keep our planet “green.”

Hand-dryers were recently installed in all of the bathrooms in our building and paper towels were removed. What a difference this small change made to the amount of daily waste we produce.

Our green printing practices though, have been in place for longer. We use soy-based inks, recycling, and print multiple jobs on one sheet of paper to minimize our waste.


Is your company adopting green practices? Share your efforts in the comments below.


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