Graphic Design

Three Aspects to Designing a Great Catalog

Have you ever noticed an eye catching catalog in the mail season after season and wonder how each one can be so different, yet still so attention getting?  Utilizing these three aspects of powerful catalog design, you can achieve this same result.


When it comes to catalog printing, great design is a must. What makes the design of a catalog great is both subjective and situational, i.e., the layout for a tool catalog may not be as critical as the design of a fashion clothing catalog. If you have some hesitation, please consult a printing professional or graphic design specialist. With planning, hard work, and some wise counsel,  you can design a fabulous catalog.  And by utilizing a professional who designs everyday, your catalog can go from good to great. So ask yourself the question: Would you rather have a good boost in sales from your catalog? Or a great boost?


High quality images are no longer just for the few exceptional catalogs. The bar has been raised and high-quality images are a minimum requirement for a great catalog. Don’t use text to just tell your customers how much they will enjoy what you have to offer – show the customer how much someone else is enjoying their purchase. A photograph of a customer who is completely content is always a big winner. Photos of people using your product is another great way to encourage believability in the quality of your offer.  Whatever the message or whomever the audience, a great catalog always includes high quality images.


Professional printing will maximize great design and exceptional images. The do-it-yourself method might produce a  good catalog, but as it is with design, using a professional can produce a great catalog. When it comes to advertising, trying to save money on the front end will usually cost more in the long run.  Low quality printing will diminish the perceived quality of your products, resulting in fewer sales. Not only will printing with a professional improve the appearance of your catalog but can also be done far more cost effectively than you can imagine.  Usually things like finishing,  binding, mailing, unusual sizes, etc. can be worked into the quote.  And of course, with an online catalog printing company, the more copies you order, the lower your cost per piece.

When it comes to creating a successful catalog, paying attention to quality in the areas of design, images, and printing is vital.  Take the time and effort to make sure that every product in your catalog looks desireable and even necessary. Your sales require it!