National Print Day

The truth about printing: It’s more important than you think

Today is National Print Day! Why is this important? For one, is a printing company, of course. Also, the day strives to bring the truth about printing to the public.

This includes correcting the notion that printing is bad for the environment, proving what a powerful tool it is, and showing how entwined print is with our lives and history.

Printing stats from that may surprise you.

– Business printing grows at 6.8% annually worldwide

– Direct mail brings in 78% of donations for non-profits

– 80% of households read or browse their advertising mail

The making of our National Print Day video

For National Print Day, Tim and I wanted to talk to people about print. Our goal was to find strangers, with no affiliation to, and get them to think about print. We wanted them to think about what it means to them, and what their lives would be like without it.

The two of us headed downtown to find subjects willing to talk on camera. We walked along a sidewalk between a couple of skyscrapers and cornered people “Jaywalking” style. We also talked to people strolling through a downtown park on their lunch.

Printing is all around us

Working for an online printing company, Tim and I are surrounding by printing on a daily basis, but found we weren’t the only ones. Some of the people we asked about printing immediately told us they had a big opinion and a lot to say on the subject.

Others were hesitant at first. They often told us they didn’t have anything to say about printing, or didn’t think it affected their lives much. As we talked to each of them though, it only took a couple questions from us, for each of them to realize how important printing actually is in each of their lives.

The technology seems like it was created so long ago that we think it’s now outdated. The truth is that it’s so integrated into our current lives that we take it for granted.

Everyone uses it in a different way daily, but one thing is clear: The course of history couldn’t have been the same without it.

The people we talked to on the street, came up with great points, some of which hadn’t occurred to us beforehand. Braille and currency were two points discussed, that are essential for our society to function. Other concerns were signs, instructions, business cards, recipes, and of course books.

The best part was that we came across a wide variety of ages, personalities, and careers, and they had a wide variety of opinions to go along with them.


Watch our video below to see who we met on our downtown adventure, and what your life would really be like without printing.



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