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When and How To Change or Reject a Proof

Once you’ve placed an order, your account page becomes Grand Central for all the things you need to do. You can get there from the PrintPlace homepage by clicking “My Account” in the upper right or the “Login” link at the top of the page. Enter your username and password to see your account. You’ll see a list of your active orders (if you need to see past orders, click “Last 30 Days”). You can also click “View All Jobs” to see your entire history.

After you’ve uploaded your original artwork, you can still change things if you don’t like the results. Click on the thumbnail for the job that you want to review. A high-resolution PDF file will open showing you the file as we’ve converted it for printing. You’ll see red, blue and green lines around the border of the artwork showing the bleed line (red), the trim line (blue) and the safety zone (green). These lines won’t appear on the finished copy, they just allow you to visualize where the printed work will be trimmed so you can check the placement of your graphics and text.

If you want to reject the proof, click the “Reject” link above the thumbnail for the job. Go back and change your artwork and upload it again. Click on the job on your account page and then click “Upload Artwork.” Browse to the location of the new file on your computer and double-click to select it. Click “Upload.” Don’t refresh or leave the page until the upload is complete. Customers can do this as many times as they want to without incurring any additional fees unlike other printers who charge for every upload and proof. Likewise, we will never print a piece until the customer approves it by pressing the Send to Press button.

If you have trouble upload your files you can email it to (as long as it’s smaller than 10 MB) or send your files to our wetransfer channel, which is It is easier than the FTP and equally compatible with Macs or Windows computers. Always use your order number when you’re sending or uploading files outside of your Account page. If you need any help preparing your files or correcting your artwork, contact our customer support team at 877-405-3949 or look for the answer in our Help Center.

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