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Leave your mark with stickers customized for your business.

  • 22 standard sizes
  • Custom sizes (min: 2 x 2, max: 12 x 18)
  • For Stickers on Rolls, check out Roll Stickers
  • Uncoated, gloss & vinyl materials
  • Print from 25 up to 100,000
  • 1-day printing available

Fast Sticker Printing Service

Additional Features for Stickers Printing:
  • Printing price includes full color
  • Printed on uncoated white stock
  • Crack & peel backing for easy application
  • Packaged as single stickers
  • Split shipping available

Stickers are a great tool for getting people's attention. Whether you're a small business looking for product labels, or a campaign manager looking to promote your political rally, stickers can help easily personalize your brand and leave a lasting impression. offers stickers as small as 4 x 2 or as big as 12 x 18. You can print as few as 25 or as many as 100,000. Custom trim is even available at no extra cost. Your stickers are printed on an uncoated paper with crack & peel backing. They can easily be written on as well, to add a personal note to each.

Thinking outside the box? In addition to squares and rectangles, we offer several die cut stickers. For a list of available die cuts, call us at 877-405-3949 or fill out our custom order form. 

Sticker Templates

Our sticker layout templates will help you properly create your design. They show you the exact size your artwork should be to print with a professional look. They can be downloaded through a desktop PC in AI, PSD, PDF, or JPG formats combined into one .zip file.

Available Templates:

4x2 Layout Template
4x6 Layout Template
5x7 Layout Template
6x9 Layout Template
9x12 Layout Template
12x18 Layout Template


2x2 Circle Layout Template
2.5x2.5 Circle Layout Template
3x3 Circle Layout Template
4x4 Circle Layout Template


3x2 Oval Layout Template
3.5x2 Oval Layout Template
4x3 Oval Layout Template


Marketing Ideas for Custom Stickers

Keep "plain" out of your vocabulary. Use stickers to add color and branding to your packages. They make pizza boxes and wrapped bakery bread more attractive. This will even save you money because you get the recognition of custom boxes without the cost. More than just the monetary value though, these custom packages also legitimize your business and grow your trust with your customers by identifying and uniting your brand. That's a big job for a little piece of paper with glue on the back!

Your stickers can also create quick custom product tags out of blank ones with a press of your thumb. Think about the difference that would make on clothing in a boutique or furniture in a store. It allows you to put your name and logo, along with any size or use information on every product without the expense of professional equipment.

Add a branded sticker to the cover of a presentation or the seal of an envelope and turn boring information into an intriguing opportunity. Never deliver a lifeless presentation or mailing again.