Envelope Templates: Consistency is Key


When sending out any direct mail enclosed in an envelope, help customers recognize the mail is from your company by customizing the envelope. Use your logo and a familiar color image or pattern and your clients will no longer mistake it for just another junk mail item. Before designing, becoming familiar with the basic sizes will help you choose the right envelope template for your correspondence. The three most common types are listed below.

1. Standard commercial envelopes are labeled by number. The higher the number label, the larger the envelope. For instance, one common size, #9, has a length of 8.875 and a width of 3.875. The size of a #10 is 9.5x4.125. These envelopes are normally used for any 8.5x11 stationery and also have the option of a window on the lower left side.

2. For announcements, invitations, small booklets or brochures, and greeting cards, use the A-style. The square flap is typical of this style. A-styles come in a variety of colors and texture and often match the enclosed stationery.

3. Grip flap booklet and catalog mailers, also known as "open side," are used for large brochures, reports, booklets, catalogs, and other bulky sales mailings. Because of the heavy enclosure, some come with a metal clasp and all are made from a heavy stock.

PrintPlace.com offers several choices for each common envelope template. Download our free templates and designing your custom envelope becomes easy. For mass mailing, use our mailing services which include addressing, stamping, and mailing your items to the list you provide. Use PrintPlace.com for your business envelope printing and receive a high quality product at the right price for your budget.



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