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Interested in promoting your business or organization through direct mail, but need to know how it works? We have all the answers on this page, so stick around.


Direct mail is a proven way to effectively market products and services and you can do it all with! We are happy to offer turnkey direct mail services to our customers on any mailable product we print. Keep reading for details about all of our mailing services.

How to Place a Direct Mail Order

To order direct mail services, log in to, select your job specs, and add your job to your shopping cart. Then, choose "direct mail" in the shipping area of the cart.

Be sure to also select what you'd like us to do with the "overs" (extra un-mailed pieces). We can ship them to you, recycle them, or you can pick them up from our Arlington, Texas location. Direct Mail Services Include:
  • Processing of 1 mailing list
  • Duplication removal if requested
  • CASS Certification
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Presorting and delivery to USPS

Direct mail services include an $85.00 list processing fee. Further processing of the same or different lists will incur an additional $85.00 fee per list each time it is processed. Additional mailing services fees apply to inserting, tabbing (if needed and not chosen on the website), or delivery of non-mailed pieces.

Your job will mail 1-3 business days after your scheduled ship date.

Postage is quoted separately, after checkout. All postage transactions are subject to a 5% administrative and handling fee.

Direct Mail Pricing

$85 SET-UP
+ $24/1000 pieces
$150 SET-UP
+ $35/1000 pieces
Pricing reflects processing of your list. A mailing list is required.

Mailing Lists  

Need a mailing list?
No problem! We offer complete mailing services including mailing lists. Let us help you choose the best prospects for a mailing list that fits your marketing goals. We have access to 14 million businesses, 220 million consumers, and the most up-to-date data. You can read more on the "Mailing Lists" tab below.

Request a mailing list quote now.

Additional Info

  • Postage
  • Mailing Lists
  • Design Layout
  • Nonprofit
  • Inserting

Direct Mail Postage

Postage costs for your mailing are dependent upon the size, weight and thickness of your printed piece, as well as the class of service you choose (first-class or standard).

Postage Class

First-class mail usually arrives at its destination within 2-5 business days. Standard mail, which includes nonprofit, usually delivers within 7-10 business days but we've seen it take up to 20. (Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays). Standard mail delivery time is not guaranteed by USPS.

Mailing Size

Large postcards (standard sizes up to 6 x 11, or custom trim sizes up to 6.125 x 11.5) and folded brochures (with final folded sizes up to 6 x 10.5) can be delivered via first-class mail at approx $.445 each, or standard mail at approx. $.303 each.

Postage for catalogs or booklets is dependent on the final weight, which is determined by paper stock, page count, and page size. 5.5 x 8.5 and 6 x 9 booklets (or custom trim up to 6 x 10.5) can mail at letter rate if triple tabbed (for standard books stitched on the longer side). For postage estimates on catalogs/booklets, please email mailing services with the paper stock, final size and page count.

How to Pay for Direct Mail Services

Once we receive your mailing list(s), we will display the postage due on your My Account page, usually within 24 hours. Postage must be paid by 2pm CT on the mailing date to avoid delays. Postage may be paid via credit card, cashier's check, money order, or wire/bank transfer. All postage transactions are subject to a 5% administrative and handling fee.

Mailing Lists

Who should receive your direct mail?

If you'd like, will provide a mailing list tailored to your needs, at an affordable cost. Use ourmailing list quote request form to tell us about the audience you’d like to target, and we’ll respond within 2-4 hours. There are many options available when choosing a list, from "number of employees" for a business list, to "age of children in a household" for a consumer list.

If you are providing your own list, you will be able to upload the list(s) after checkout on your My Account page. Each field (such as name, company name and address) cannot be more than 50 characters, including spaces & punctuation, or our software will truncate the information.

Preferred List File Formats:

Additional file formats we can accept for mailing lists are:
Borland Paradox
dBase/Fox Pro
comma delimited
Fixed length fields CR/LF
Std ASCII Fixed length file 

Direct mail services includes the processing of 1 mailing list. Additional lists are $85 each. Extensive data work to merge lists may incur additional charges. Please email for more information if you think your list(s) may require extra time to process.

Direct Mail Design Layout

As you are designing a piece for mailing, keep in mind that we need to inkjet an address and indicia onto it. This means that your art/design must include two blank spaces (one a minimum of 4" wide x 2" tall in the bottom right corner of the mailing panel) and (one 1" x 1" in the top right corner). You can also reference our layout guides for specifics. They make it easy to follow the guidelines. The inkjet area can not include any printing and no borders are allowed on the bottom or right edge of the mailing panel. If your design doesn’t follow this, we will not be able to process your mail job at automated rates.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot inkjet your piece if it has UV coating. You can UV coat the front side of a postcard, for example, but the back can have aqueous coating only. does not "label" pieces for mailing. We inkjet addresses directly on the printed pieces.

Automated Postal Rates

To avoid paying higher postal rates, your direct mail piece will need to meet a required aspect ratio. All of our standard postcard sizes meet this aspect ratio, with the required range being 1.30 - 2.5 (calculated by dividing the larger dimension by the smaller dimension, (example: 6/4=1.5)).

Letter Rate Requirements for Booklet Mailing

All booklets smaller than 8.5 x 11 must be triple tabbed to mail at Letter Rate. USPS requires 1 tab on the left side booklet edge (left of mailing panel) and 2 tabs on the right side edge.  If mailing at Letter Rate, the back cover of the booklet should be designed so the bound edge is at the bottom of the mailing panel.

For booklets with non-standard binding, such as "short side" binding for landscape orientation, additional mailing requirements apply. Please call and ask to speak with mailing services before sending your job to production if your booklet has a non-standard orientation.

The maximum size is 6 x 10.5 to mail at letter rate. Booklets larger than 6 x 10.5 (or heavier than 3oz each) will mail at flat rate and do not require tabbing. NOTE: The mailing panel must be located in the top right corner of the page, with the spine on the right edge of the mailing panel.

Brochure Mailing Services

Brochures must be double-tabbed in order to mail. The folded/closed edge must be at the bottom of the mailing panel and tabbed twice at the top.

Nonprofit Mailing Services

If you are eligible to mail as a nonprofit with USPS, download and complete this nonprofit mailing form, then email it to or fax 817-701-3700. The average nonprofit standard letter rate is $.191.

Both businesses and nonprofit organizations can use standard mail. Authorized nonprofit organizations are eligible for additional savings though, with nonprofit standard mail. Therefore, nonprofit mailings, like regular standard mailings, are not guaranteed by USPS to deliver within or by a certain date. Nonprofit mailings will generally deliver in up to 20 business days from the mailing date.

The mailing panel of your piece must have both the name and address that exactly match the address on your original nonprofit postal permit. It doesn't have to be in the return address area, but must be somewhere on the mailing panel of the piece.

For more information on how to apply for nonprofit mailings, visit the USPS Business Mail 101 website.Keep in mind that we cannot mail your job at nonprofit rates until we receive your USPS-authorized paperwork.

Mail Inserting Services

If you are using our direct mail services to mail your greeting cards, or any products in envelopes, please be advised that the mail processing price does not include the cost of inserting your cards into the envelopes.

Inserting is available for a variety of our products. Folded flyers or brochures can be inserted into #10 envelopes, 8.5 x 11 final size pieces such as letterhead inserted into 9 x 12 envelopes, and 8.5 x 5.5 final size pieces inserted into 6x9 envelopes.

Pricing for Inserting:

Machine Inserting Items Into Envelopes:
(max 6 inserts and 6 x 9 envelope size – since our machines don’t have opposable thumbs)
1 item :   $27 per 1000 + $30 setup
2 items:  $27 per 1000 + $30 setup
3 items:  $36 per 1000 + $30 setup
4 items:  $36 per 1000 + $30 setup
5+ items: contact us for a quote

Hand Collating & Inserting Items Into Envelopes:
(Hand inserting adds an additional 1-2 business days to the mailing services turnaround time.)
1 item:    $70 per 1000
2 items:   $85 per 1000
3 items:  $125 per 1000
4 items:  $150 per 1000
5+ items: contact us for a quote

FAQs for Direct Mail

  • How should I design my artwork for mailing?
  • Your artwork/design should include the minimum space requirements needed to inkjet address your piece.

    Two blank spaces, one for the address (a minimum of 4" wide x 2" tall in the bottom right corner of the mailing panel) and one for the indicia (1" x 1" in the top right corner) are required for postcards and brochure mailers. The inkjet area can not include any printing and no borders are allowed on the bottom or right edges of the mailing panel.

    If you are mailing a booklet, other USPS requirements may apply. Please check with us prior to final design, so we can confirm your design meets requirements to mail at the lowest applicable rate.

  • Which postage rate should I choose?
  • Consider the class that best suits your budget requirements and expected delivery time for your project. First-class mail delivers within 5 business days and automatically includes returns for undeliverable addresses. If delivery time is not as specific for your project, you may want to consider mailing via Standard Mail, which has a delivery timeframe of up to 20 business days. Note that USPS does not guarantee a delivery date or timeframe for standard or nonprofit standard mail.

  • Can I mail with a nonprofit rate through
  • If you are eligible to mail as a nonprofit with USPS, you can mail through using our nonprofit indicia. Please scroll up to view our Nonprofit Mailing tab under additional info for specific requirements.

  • Can I include my mailing permit in my artwork?
  • We mail your jobs through our local USPS business mail entry unit using our mail permit. In order for to mail your job, it must include our indicia. It's not necessary for you to add the indicia to your artwork. We will inkjet the appropriate indicia during the addressing process, according to the postage type you designate.

  • Which formats do you accept for mailing lists?
  • We accept Excel files and comma delimited text files (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt). Once you place your order, simply upload your mailing list from your My Account page.

  • What does mailing list processing, or CASS Certification include?
  • When you purchase mailing services, we will review your mailing lists in order to remove duplicate contacts (if requested) and remove any non-automated addresses (if requested). There is no additional charge for reviewing your mailing list to remove these items, but it is an optional service that must be specified at the time you upload your list.

    If you request removal of duplicates, keep in mind that the software only looks for exact matches, so "John Smith" versus "Jonathon Smith" will not be recognized as a duplicate record.

  • What turnaround time can I expect for mailing services?
  • After your job prints, direct mail services adds 1-3 business days before your job will mail. Your job will deliver to USPS 1-3 business days after the "ship date" shown in your account, (providing postage has been paid by 2pm CT on the mailing date).

  • Can you mail to foreign addresses?
  • If you have foreign addresses in your mailing list, we can mail those for you. Contact us for more information regarding international mailing.

  • How do I pay for postage?
  • Once you upload your mailing list, we will process it according to your specifications and enter the amount due, which will display on your My Account page. Postage may be paid via credit card, wire transfer, money order, or cashier's check (note charges a 5% administrative and postage handling fee.) Credit card payments can be made directly from your My Account page. For other payment methods, contact us to make arrangements and schedule the mail date for your job.