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April 23, 2020 by Thal
“I had a digital art piece printed out for my daughter's birthday and it came out amazing!”
December 20, 2017 by SeaGlassVal
“I tried this product after many years of posters mounted on foam core. The colors/surface of this product were a little dull but the detail was sharp. Because of windy conditions one of the posters dropped to the ground in my booth and entirely shattered the corner - it is quite brittle. Overall, a good product, and it is nice that I could print both sides for the same price.”
March 8, 2019 by Jfoster
“I thought I was buying a 6’x4’ sign and instead I received a 6”x4” sign.”

Mounted Posters Are a Simple, Sturdy Way to Promote Ideas and Decorate Spaces

Mounted posters are a sleek and chic way to promote your small business. Custom mounted posters can vastly simplify artwork reproduction for homes and offices. They are also a handy option when you need something more durable than a standard poster for long-term promotions. These posters can also easily be attached to many common wall surfaces.

A Tough and Presentable Poster Material

Unlike cardstock or paper posters, mounted posters require no framing or additional protection with the white PVC board material. Some of its advantages are:

  • Lasts long outdoors for prolonged use
  • Waterproof and can withstand outdoor exposure
  • Thick and rigid for mounting on an easel

Need a large order of mounted posters? Our bulk printing at a maximum of 50 pieces saves you more per piece. The online calculator will display the individual and total price for your reference.

Need help with custom printing? Fill out our custom order form or give us a call.

The PrintPlace Advantage

At PrintPlace, you can customize every detail and ensure the accuracy of your design every step of the way. Here are the perks of our printing services:

A printing company that lets you engage with the experts. Have questions about the product options or the process? You can call our print experts and they’ll gladly give you all the important details. Give them a call any time between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT from Monday to Friday at 877-405-3949.

A wide variety of standard sizes, including custom dimensions. Choose from 16 small to large sizes—starts at 10” x 8” to as big as 24” x 36”. Don’t see your required length and width? Select “Custom Size” and you can choose the width and height separately. Widths and heights start at 3” and go up to 24” and 36” respectively.

A thorough file check and free PDF proof to ensure total accuracy before printing. After uploading your file, you can choose any of the following:
  • “I don’t need a PDF proof”

Mounted Posters FAQs

What do you use to mount a poster?

You can mount a poster on an easel if you want it on display in the middle of a store or anywhere that isn’t a wall. Another alternative would be to screw the poster onto a wall for stability.

Is a mounted poster better than a normal poster?

A mounted poster is recommended for a large, sturdy display that exudes luxury or added high-quality compared to the wall posters you generally see aroundin most areas. It is recommended for a design mounted on easel or requires a stronger means like a screw to hang it on a wall.

How do I make a picture into a poster?

Follow these steps to transform a picture into a poster:
  1. Select “Design Online” at the bottom of the online calculator. Choose your preferred poster orientation: vertical or horizontal.
  2. On the online design tool, upload the image. It will show up on the blank canvas.
  3. Adjust the image accordingly. Note that your picture should be at least 300 dpi so it’s printed in clear, high resolution.

How do I make a poster online?

Use our online design tool to make a poster. Select “Design Online” at the bottom of the calculator to get started.

Mounted Poster Printing Layout Templates

Use our mounted poster layout templates so your business mounted poster artwork and designs are sized and formatted perfectly for your home or office space. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each size below, in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format for Illustrator or Photoshop. Here’s how to get started:

1. Expand the “Download Poster Signs Layout Template” link. Select your preferred poster size from the listed options.
2. A ZIP file will be saved to your device. Save this to your files.
3. Open the ZIP file. You’ll find the following formats available for your preferred editing software:

  • Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  • Adobe InDesign (INDD)
  • Adobe Photoshop (PDF)
  • Microsoft Publisher (PDF)
  • JPEG
  • PDF

View Mounted Posters Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

A Number of Ways You Can Use Mounted Posters

Print mounted posters for an equally useful format for both marketers and anyone who wants to easily decorate a home or office space. They can be used as a minimalist frame-free alternative to traditional posters. You can use mounted posters anywhere you might use regular cardstock or paper posters, except you don’t need to worry about protecting or framing them.

Regular paper or cardstock posters may not be able to stay in good condition with constant handling. On the other hand, mounted posters are a good choice for advertisements and other promotions in high-traffic areas, especially when you need to handle or move them often. The durable material prevents premature deterioration, allowing your ads to last as long as you need them to.

They are also a good choice for art reproduction at a short notice for spaces such as cafes, restaurants, and even art galleries. Personalized mounted posters are also a good choice for home and office decor, as they offer none of the hassles of traditional framing while offering a clean, modern look at the same time.

Marketers who want to print mounted posters for advertisements and other promotions will also find that the ability to print on two sides makes these large format prints a versatile solution.

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