Mounted Posters

Easily Promote Products or Decorate Homes and Offices with Mounted Posters

  • Standard sizes include:  20"x16", 24"x18", 30"x20", 28"x22", 36"x24"
  • Choose between White PVC Board or 20. mil. Styrene
  • Print on one or both sides
  • Print in quantities from 1- 50
  • Turnaround times from 2 to 5 Business Days
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Mounted Posters Are A Simple, Sturdy Way to Promote Ideas and Decorate Spaces

Custom mounted posters can vastly simplify artwork reproduction for homes and offices. They are also a handy option when you need a durable medium for long-term promotions. Customized mounted posters can easily be attached to many common wall surfaces with readily available products. Unlike cardstock or paper stock posters, mounted posters require no framing or additional protection from rough use. They're also durable enough to maintain their integrity through repeated handling

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Mounted Poster Printing Layout Templates

Use our mounted poster layout templates so your business mounted poster artwork and designs are sized and formatted perfectly for your home or office space. layout templates can be downloaded for each size below in various popular image formats.

View Mounted Poster Layout Templates

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Please refer our guided layout instructions.

Mounted Posters Are A Simple, Sturdy Way to Promote Ideas and Decorate Spaces

Mounted posters are an equally useful format for both marketers and anyone who wants to easily decorate a home or office space. They can be used as a minimalist frame-free alternative to traditional posters. You may use mounted posters anywhere you might use regular card or paper stock posters, except you no longer need to worry about protecting or framing them. They are a good choice for art reproduction at a short notice for spaces such as cafes, restaurants, and even art galleries. Personalized mounted posters are also a good choice for home and office decor, as they offer none of the hassles of traditional framing while offering a clean, modern look at the same time. Marketers who want to use mounted posters for advertisements and other promotions will also find that the ability to print on two sides makes these large format prints more versatile compared to other mediums.