Feather Flags

Feather Flags Out, Customers In!

Feather flag printing will draw everyone’s attention to your shop. We have three pole sizes to choose from: 10.5 ft (24"x104" flag) or 14 ft (28"x138" flag) if you have a small storefront, or go with our 16 ft (30.75"x137.75" flag) if you have more room to spare. Your custom printed feather flags will be made from polyester fabric and are washable in case they get dirty. You can purchase single or double-sided feather flags in quantities ranging from 1 to 50 per order.

To make them even more convenient, you can pick which base attachment your printed feather flags come with: ground spike, cross base, or water weight bag.

The cross base should be enough to keep the banner upright but if the feather flag will be displayed somewhere windy, a water weight bag should keep the feather flag down. You may also want to consider selecting our ground spike option. The spike comes with a pointed edge so you can drive the pole into the ground and secure it in place.

Note: Feather flags are assembled to the frame and placed in a nylon travel bag before shipping.

Replacement flags also available.

Base Attachments

Ground Spike Steel: stake used for support in soft ground such as grass or sand. 
                          Ground Spike

Cross Base Steel: attachment used for support on solid surfaces such as cement.
                          Cross Base

Water Bag: Donut-shaped bag used with cross base as weight for added support.
                         Water Bag

Flag Sizes

Note: Feather flags are assembled to the frame and placed in the bag before shipping.

Feather Flag Templates

Use our feather flags layout templates so designs are sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each size below.

View Feather Flags Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Get Customers in Your Store with Feather Flags

Custom feather flags are soaring in popularity because of how passersby find them irresistible. As marketing displays go, they are hard to miss and beg for attention. They will do the bulk of the work for you. While you might usually see feather flags outdoors, at venues like car dealerships, concerts, sporting events and the like, they can also be used indoors. Imagine printing feather flags for your convention booth or for recruitment campaigns. You can even print real estate or church feather flags for your community.

You can also be creative with your feather flag designs so they all work in parallel to one another. For example, you can place all your feather flags in a row and have them strategically placed so they lead customers straight to your door.

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