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  • Create postcards that accentuate your message
  • Print on durable 16 pt. cardstock
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Soft-touch velvet lamination
  • Emboss business logos or images

Dare to Be Different

Make your business logos and images stand out with raised spot UV postcard printing. Raise any detail on your custom postcard to bring your customer’s attention where you need it to be.

Raised spot UV postcards emboss key areas you select by 50 microns (or .05 mm). This means text and images can literally rise above your postcards and make them visually stunning.

So don’t settle for an ordinary postcard. Be bold and raise your game. Print raised spot UV postcards today.

Unbelievably Sturdy

All raised spot UV postcards are printed on 16 pt. cardstock, one of the thickest papers we have to offer. The material’s durable nature makes it suitable for promoting high-end products.

Yummy Velvet Lamination

Velvet lamination adds a soft touch to your postcards. It creates a depth in texture that your customers will feel. The combination of raised spot UV and the soft velvet texture makes for quite an experience. It simply must be felt to be fully appreciated.

Swim in Colors

There are no limitations when it comes to colors. Raised spot UV postcard printing works on any image. So no matter how colorful you want your custom postcard to be, our raised spot UV process will be able to handle it.


How much of my design can be raised?

We’re able to cover up to 30% of the postcard.

What’s turnaround time?

Turnaround time refers to how many business days it will take to print your personalized postcards. Shipping time is not included.

What postcard dimensions are available?

You can print 4” x 6” (popular option) or 5” x 7” postcards.

Can raised spot UV be applied on one side only?

Yes. You have the option to print on one or both sides.

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Raised Spot UV Postcard Templates

Use our postcard layout templates to ensure your artwork is formatted correctly for printing. Free layout templates are provided in EPS, JPG, PDF, and Publisher formats for front and back side printing.

View Raised Spot UV Postcards Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

What Makes Raised Spot UV Postcards Special?

Printing raised spot UV postcards give you a chance to run away from the ordinary. If your main goal is to set yourself apart from the competition, then raised spot UV can help you get there. The raised ink gives postcards an unbelievable texture that sets it apart.

If you’ve never printed raised spot UV postcards before, consider these tips:

  • Less is more – Don’t overdo it. For maximum effect, only target design elements that need to be embossed. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  • Add realism – One of the advantages of the raised spot UV effect is that it gives background images a realistic texture. Use this to your advantage. For example, this process can give your customers an idea of what your actual products feel like.
  • Let your logos fly – Having a logo embossed gives the illusion that it’s about to fly away from the postcard. As it rises from the paper, more emphasis is placed on your logo. It’s a great tool for branding. It makes it easier for customers to remember you.