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  • Shimmery highlights put focus on your message
  • Sturdy 16 pt. cardstock offers a premium feel
  • Explore a wide variety of metallic colors
  • Spot UV coating adds more shine

Go for Glimmer With Metallic Postcard Printing

Not everything that glitters is gold. Some are metallic. Metallic postcard printing adds prestige to your mail, are economical, flexible, and a highly effective marketing tool. Small businesses owners, designers, campaign managers, church organizations, and even hoteliers and restaurateurs can maximize the use of postcards for their business.

What makes metallic postcard printing special? Here are some reasons why:

  • Printed on sturdy 16 pt. cardstock gloss paper for longer-lasting use.
  • Available in various sizes such as the popular 4”x 6” postcard size.
  • You can choose print on one or both sides.
  • Spot UV creates added interest to your design

Rounded corners elevate your postcard from the rest.

A Premium Product Offering

Metallic printing elevates your business cards to a whole new level. Printed on thick 16 pt. cardstock, metallic business cards can take quite a beating. They’re the furthest thing from flimsy.

The metallic finish can also be applied on one or both sides. Metallic business cards are available in different sizes with 3.5” x 2” being the most popular. Square business cards are also an option.

Decoding Metallic Printing

Metallic foil printing isn’t rocket science. It’s a pretty straightforward process wherein a layer of silver ink is applied to paper before printing your artwork in regular CMYK colors. The result is a vibrant and shiny metallic finish.

With metallic postcard printing, there are more varieties of colors to explore:

  • Metallic Neutrals. Gold, silver and bronze are the popular picks for this finish. Print metallic postcards in these shades for your save-the-date, invitations, premium menus, flyers, or for high-end marketing tools.
  • Full-Color Metal Shine. Make your design even more special by adding colored metallic. Your postcards will be the center of attention, especially when it catches the light. Mail colored metallic postcards for festive events such as holidays, birthdays, and parties.

Flexible and Functional

Print metallic postcards to drum up new business and keep your existing customers engaged. Aside from that, sending out postcards:

Is Cost-Effective. Connect with more people while spending less. For such a small investment, you can reach thousands of prospects without paying an arm and a leg.

Give a Personal Touch. A postcard allows you as a business to get close to your customers and communicate in a friendly social manner.

Increase Visibility. Be seen and heard with shiny or colored metallics. Metallic postcards are more likely to be read compared with direct mail letters. Since they don’t have to be opened, all your information can be read at a glance.

Offers Versatility. You can use metallic postcard printing for invitations, marketing messages, announcements, sales events, and even mini-newsletters. Think differently and get the most out of your postcards.

Print Like a Pro

Once you have a ready file, you can upload it to our site. If not, create a new one using our free downloadable templates. Get your free PDF proof after uploading to avoid any errors before we start the printing process.

Good to know: Make sure you upload high-resolution files so that every detail of your design will come out clear and sharp. Scanned files are not accepted.


What is Spot UV?
Spot UV is a coating or varnish that is applied to a specific area on your postcard. This finish creates a high gloss effect and textured finish that draws attention  to that part of your design.

What is the best size to use for postcards?
4”x 6” is the standard size and the most popular pick for postcard mailing. These are handy and easy to store away, so they can be distributed and carried anywhere without any hassle.

When can I expect my postcards to arrive?
Your order’s arrival is based on printing turnaround plus shipping time.

Printing turnaround is the number of days needed to produce your postcards excluding weekends and holidays.

Shipping time is based on the transit time you selected and starts after the printing turnaround.

Should I get the free file check?
Our free file check allows you to see your design before it is sent for printing. This gives you the opportunity to make significant changes to your design and ensure it is free of errors.