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February 16, 2022 by El Bandito ( SC )
“Great Great Great! I designed, I uploaded and I ordered. Then, I got what I ordered! Simple, easy and priced just right!”
July 15, 2021 by Christopher
“Amazing! Thanks. This is not just about quality, but also my appreciation for customer support and the design team, who were both patient and helpful with working out details.”
May 1, 2021 by Anonymous
April 13, 2021 by Mike512
“The stickers came out exactly as I needed them to.”
January 28, 2021 by Jlgraphics
“I was in a bind and needed quick help with my project. It turned out great! Thank you.”

Durable Bumper Stickers for Vehicles and More

Bumper stickers are more than a promotional tool – they are a pop culture classic. Durable and built for outdoor conditions, bumper stickers have graced millions of car bumpers and windshields and are the go-to choice for almost every vehicle sticker application.

But bumper sticker printing aren’t just for cars. They’re often applied on laptops, bike frames, office equipment, filing cabinets, equipment cases, suitcases, and more. Bumper stickers aren’t just for drivers. With our selection of shapes and stocks, finding the right combination for any application is easy.

How Your Sticker Designs Stay In Tact Amid the Constant Exposure

All bumper stickers are made of sturdy white vinyl. This material is built for exposure to all kinds of weather. The high gloss coating adds another level of protection, while the uncoated option makes the surface writable.

Have specific questions about our printing services? Contact any of our print experts at 877-405-3949 from Monday to Friday at 6am to 10pm CT, Saturdays and Sundays at 8am to 7pm CT. They’ll gladly answer all your queries and walk you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do bumper stickers cost?

The printing cost will depend on the size and quantity of your custom bumper sticker order. Larger orders present large savings.

How do I apply a bumper sticker on my car window or surface?

Follow the steps below to apply a bumper sticker properly on your car:

  1. Clean the area on which you will apply a bumper sticker. Apply soap and water or wipe the dirt off with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Dry the area for a fast and smooth application.
  3. Peel the backing off from the bumper sticker.
  4. Apply it slowly such that no bubbles or gaps form beneath the sticker. Start on one end and then slowly apply pressure all the way to the other end of the sticker.

Will bumper stickers damage my car paint?

No, the bumper stickers will not damage your car paint upon application. The material is built for clean placement on your vehicle. Note that you will need to remove the sticker carefully to prevent damage or any leftover residue.

How do I remove bumper stickers from my car? Is it easy?

  1. Position a hair dryer about six inches away from the sticker.
  2. Blow the dryer across the sticker's width. Apply the heat evenly.
  3. Use a credit card or your nail to slowly peel a sticker corner. Slowly pull from across and avoid pulling it up during this step.
  4. Let the applied surface area cool off.

How soon will my custom bumper stickers arrive?

You can get a shipping estimate directly on the product page itself. Just enter your ZIP code to see the different shipping options available.

Can I design my bumper stickers online?

Yes, PrintPlace offers an easy-to-use online design tool to help you create your artwork in just a few minutes. After you’re done, just save the file and proceed to order.

What’s the difference between cut-to-size and roll stickers?

Cut-to-size stickers are individually cut and scored for easy peeling. These are designed to be applied by hand. The cut-to-size format is ideal for smaller order quantities. Roll stickers are best for bulk use. A roll fits most label dispensers for efficient and rapid application on hundreds of products.

Bumper Sticker Layout Templates

Use our Bumper Sticker layout templates to ensure your artwork and designs are sized and formatted correctly. layout templates can be downloaded for each Bumper Sticker size below. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Choose your format. Bumper stickers are available individually cut or on a roll.
  2. Expand the options under your preferred format and select the correct size for download.
  3. Save the ZIP file that will appear upon downloading.
  4. Open the ZIP file and choose from the formats available: JPG, INDD, PDF, PSD, PUB, and AI.
  5. Edit with the appropriate design application and export.

View Cut-to-size or Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Tips for choosing the right bumper sticker shapes

You can print bumper stickers in two standard shapes – square and rectangle. Here are a couple of ways you can maximize them for your business or cause.


This is just the right shape for many popular square and round logos. Square stickers also great for giveaways where recipients are less likely to own cars, such as in dense urban centers or school campuses. The square shape is also a popular choice for band logo stickers.


The classic rectangle bumper sticker offers plenty of space for text logos and unique statements, great for putting on any smooth surface wide enough to accommodate them, such as laptops, and of course, car bumpers. We recommend a UV coat for any stickers to be used on cars and other vehicles. The most popular size for bumper stickers are 10” x 3”, which is perfect for slogans, jokes, and political statements.

Order bumper sticker printing today.

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