Political Flyer Printing

Use Political Flyers to Win More Votes & Spread Awareness For Your Cause

Customize political flyers you’ll proudly hand out at fundraisers, rallies, and other public areas. It’s a fast, efficient, and affordable way to spread the word and target more voters and supporters. Choose from small to medium handy sizes or print in bigger dimensions to make a statement. Print on lightweight paper or sturdy cardstock and add a protective coating to elevate your design. Have specific questions about creating flyers? Get in touch with any of our print experts and they’ll gladly answer all your questions.

Create Political Campaign Flyers

Every detail works toward building your campaign’s message and your candidate’s brand. The correct size, paper or cardstock material, and coating can make or break a recipient’s first impression as they take in your message. Here’s how you can handpick each aspect for your political flyers’ specs.

Choosing among small, medium, to large sizes. The dimensions of your flyer will depend on the number of elements you’ll have in your design. Political flyers with a central image and larger fonts work best on bigger sizes such as 11” x 8.5” or 11” x 17”. But these sizes also provide ample space for a point-by-point break down of your candidate’s plans.

The smaller and handier sizes such as 4.25” x 5.5” and 4” x 6” are suited for handing out at high traffic and public areas. Potential voters can easily grab the flyer and keep it for reading later at home. Smaller to medium sizes are recommended for shorter lengths of text and images with less detail. Regardless of your dimension, all design elements in your political flyers will be printed in full color and high resolution.

Print on sturdy paper or cardstock. The sturdiness of your flyer can elevate the impression that your candidate or cause makes on the reader. If you’re on a budget but need a lightweight material to promote your cause, the 100 lb. paper is a little thicker than a standard magazine cover.

If you need a cardstock that’s thicker than paper, the 14 pt. is normally seen on business cards for a professional touch. The 16 pt. cardstock has added rigidity and can elevate your candidate’s honest and reliable image.

Elevate your flyer’s entire look with protective matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coating. Select a finish that complements the colors and overall branding of your political flyer.

  • Matte is recommended for lengthy text and messages that beg to be readable. It offers the least glare and an elegant, soft touch that’s easy on the eyes. Perfect for taking in several points of your campaign.
  • Gloss provides extra shine and reflects against the light. It brings out the brightness and boldness of a colorful image or several visual elements.
  • High gloss gives out the highest shine and provides extra gloss to your flyer’s finish. Colors practically pop out of your flyer and the coating makes the surface water-resistant.

Check out this blog article for more information on the paper, cardstock, and coating options.

Use Our Mailing Services to Widen Your Flyers’ Reach

Send your flyers through direct mail to reach more voters and potential supporters. Flyers made of 10 pt., 14pt. or 16 pt. cardstock qualify for our flyers mailing services. Direct mail sends your message to addresses on a specific mailing list that we can process ourselves.

After selecting your preferred cardstock, check “Mailing Services” on the online calculator to continue. Check out the “Mailing Options” tab for more information on this special service.

Political Flyers FAQs

Q: How do I make a campaign flyer?
A: Our online design tool lets you create a political flyer from scratch, directly on your browser. Select “Design Online” and as soon as the page loads, you can choose between a horizontal or vertical orientation for your flyer. The browser will show a blank space in the size you chose on the calculator. The tool lets you design on both sides, add images, text, and colors for a suitable design.

Q: What is the best program to design flyers?
A: If you prefer to design the flyer on an editing software, you can create it on any of the following programs and upload the file:
  • Microsoft Publish
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Q: What is the advantage of sending my flyers through direct mail?
A: Direct mail lets you send a message targeted specifically for the demographic on the mailing list. You’ll be able to strategize how the copy and visuals go together such that the flyer appeals and convinces its recipients. Plus, recipients get the impression it’s personalized and is likely to read the flyer. For more information, check out this article on the benefits of direct mail.

Political Flyers Layout Templates

Use our political flyer printing layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each standard size below, in various formats.

View Political Flyers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

The Keys to Effective Campaign Flyers

Flyers are a staple in any election campaign. Print establishes a deeper connection with the audience. Benjamin Franklin’s iconic “Join, or Die” print continues to inspire, over two centuries onward. They’re also affordable and versatile, able to do double duty as direct mailers and handouts if necessary. While creating that campaign flyer, make sure it includes all these essential elements:

  • Zero typos and errors. Any mistake will taint the image of your candidate or cause.
  • The reason voters should elect your candidate in office. You need to show your audience why your candidate is the best person for the position. Highlight what they’ll bring to the table, what they stand for, and credentials that make them the best choice.
  • Print in high quality. Poor paper choice can discredit or weaken the candidate’s image in the voter’s eyes. A polished sheen or elegant coating can make them appear more professional and stand out against the competition.

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