Pole Banners

Be Seen in All the Right Places With Pole Banners

Street banners, light pole banners, avenue banners. Whatever you want to call them, pole banners are a big hit for businesses and institutions. Pole banner printing is a great way to advertise your school, business, event, or promotion. Your message will be clearly seen by pedestrians and motorists. These are perfect for exhibitions, concerts, holidays, and special events.

So why print custom pole banners? Read on to know why.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Pole banners are very visible signs. Since they are situated above the crowds but not so high up, your message is still easy to read. They are easy to spot even from afar, especially when you use vivid colors and graphics for your banner design.

Here are two ways to display your custom pole banners:

  • Street Pole Banners. Hang these on light poles to enhance the ambiance of any street. This also works well to promote special community events.
  • Wall Mount Banners. You can mount your pole banners directly to a wall or other flat surface such as the side of your store to bring in more customers.

Versatility, Versatility, Versatility

With three bracket widths available for custom pole banner printing, you can use a wider range of banner sizes.

Check out these features to make the most out of your banners:

  • Three bracket widths are available. Choose from 18”, 24”, or 30” wide brackets to hang your banners from.
  • Each bracket size can accommodate 24”, 36” or 48” long banners.
  • Print pole banners with full color on both sides so your information can be seen from every angle.

Tip: Go with large banner sizes for the highest visibility and create the most impact.

Strong, Secure, and Sturdy

Since pole banners are usually displayed outside, they are pretty durable.

Material: Pole banner printing uses 18 oz. blockout vinyl for pole mounted and 13 oz. vinyl for wall mounted. The materials are tear and weather-resistant that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Finish: The vinyl pole banner comes in a matte finish so it can be easily read even in direct light.

Mounting Hardware: Use single brackets for a more festive look or double brackets to secure your banners tightly to your pole. These brackets are strong enough so that your banners will not fall off or fly away in bad weather.

Print pole banners with our standard options or design something that fits your requirements. Our print experts will help you every step of the way.


Is printing turnaround time the same as the delivery date?

“Printing turnaround time” is the number of days needed to print your pole banners. You can choose from 2, 3, or 5 business days for your printing order.

Will my banner arrive already set up?

Your banner pole kit will arrive neatly packed in a box for easy assembly.

Pole Banners Layout Templates

Make sure your print-ready artwork is formatted correctly for printing by using our layout templates as guide. Choose from our many free layout templates in EPS, JPG or PDF formats.

View Pole Banners Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Marketing and Design Ideas

Pole Banner Printing: Show More Ways to Market Your Brand

Look around in your community and you’ll see one or more custom pole banners hanging for various promotions. Here are more nifty ideas for your custom pole banners:

  • Festival pole banners
  • Civic event pole banners
  • Holiday-themed pole banners
  • Light posts banners
  • Museum pole banners
  • Tourism promotion pole banners
  • Car dealership pole banners
  • Art exhibition pole banners
  • School pole banners
  • Library pole banners
  • Parade pole banners
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