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Great print product June 17, 2024 by Leonardo Martinez ( FL )
“I ordered oval stickers with my business logo. It was easy to design online and I received the final product as I've expected it. I would order again from this business.”
Verified buyer
The perfect solution! January 21, 2024 by Sue Nellis ( MI )
“We were continually running out of various size address labels for the wide variety of materials we produce and distribute. These are the answer - inexpensive, professional, glossy, and easy to peel backing! We'll definitely re-order!”
Verified buyer
Great deal and good quality! November 14, 2023 by TT ( NY )
“The stickers came out great! Very happy with the results.”
Verified buyer
September 15, 2023 by Jocelyn Rhyder ( CA )
“Stickers came in great! Happy with my purchase”
Verified buyer
September 2, 2023 by Christina McGinley ( IN )
“Very fast shipping, great quality!”

Bulk Sticker Printing Provides Quality, Affordability, and Branding Versatility

Whether you need personalized stickers for product promotions or item labeling, our bulk sticker printing options provide high-quality features at affordable prices. Order hundreds of individual cut-to-size pieces or thousands of roll stickers to save more per piece. More than 20 sizes available for square and rectangle designs. Roll stickers can be designed in your custom dimensions of choice. At PrintPlace, you can tailor every detail according to your brand vision. Here are the best ways to maximize all the features available.

How to Choose Between Cut-to-Size and Roll Bulk Stickers

The first thing you’ll choose for your bulk sticker printing is the order’s format. Both cut-to-size and roll come with their respective features, which can help narrow down your choice. Check out the guide below to get started:

Quantity At least 25 pieces for small quantities; normally applied by hand. At least 250 pieces for bulk orders; larger quantities cost less per piece (e.g. 250 roll stickers cost 75¢ each but 1,000 is at 19¢ per piece).
Sizes and Shapes More than 20 sizes for square and rectangle; standard dimensions for circle and oval. A wider variety of dimensions for square, rectangle, circle, and oval; select Custom as the shape to combine several widths and heights.
Materials and Coatings Available A white paper sticker has a smooth white finish that’s suitable for designs that will be stored indoors. Not recommended for items that will be exposed to water or moisture.

It comes in shiny gloss or elegant matte lamination. There’s also an uncoated option if you need a writable surface.

A white vinyl sticker is suited for sticker designs that will be exposed to moisture and other outdoor elements. Its waterproof and oil-resistant features make it perfect for food and beverage stickers. It also comes with a UV resistant gloss finish that brightens colors.
White Premium Sticker Paper comes in a smooth white finish that’s recommended for non-waterproof designs. It comes in gloss or matte laminate. Gloss provides a reflective shine, while matte complements neutral or natural-looking stickers.

BOPP is the standard choice for waterproof and oil-resistant stickers. Highly recommended for any items that will be stored in a refrigerator or placed in a bathroom.

This durable material comes in three background colors: white, clear, and silver metallic. All three options come in indoor-friendly gloss or matte coatings. This means they stay good as new in cool storage.

White Vellum Texture – Estate #8 comes uncoated by default, which allows for writability on the surface. Suitable for designs that need a warm white background. You can also add a matte coating to protect it from scratches and external damage.

It comes with a permanent, all-purpose adhesive and stays waterproof for at least four hours in an ice bucket.

White Laid Texture – Estate #4 has the same properties as Estate #8 except it comes with a Kraft-like texture on its white background.

Cream Laid Texture – Estate # 9 is also water-resistant, comes uncoated, or with matte lamination but has a cream-colored appearance.

Bulk Sticker Printing FAQs

How much does bulk sticker printing cost?

The cost will depend on your sticker format, quantity, material, and coating. The online calculator will automatically compute the total and unit price for your bulk custom stickers.

Will I save more with a bulk custom sticker order?

Yes, the larger your order quantity, the less you spend per sticker. The online calculator will load the total price and cost per piece.

What is the largest and smallest sticker size I can print?

The largest and smallest sizes depend on the sticker type, format, and shape. The estimated sizes are as follows:

Cut-to-Size Square/Rectangle Circle Oval
Largest Sizes 12” x 18” 4” x 4” 3” x 4”
Smallest Sizes 2” x 2” 2” x 2” 1.5” x 2.5”
Roll Square/Rectangle Circle Oval
Largest Sizes Rectangle (rounded corners) – 7” x 5”
Square (rounded corners) – 5” x 5”
6” x 6” 5” x 3.5”
Smallest Sizes 0.5” x 1” 0.5” x 0.5” 0.75” x 1.5”

Can I print custom stickers in my chosen size and shape?

A: Yes, you can print custom shapes and sizes for the roll format. Select “Custom” as the shape and then choose from the various sizes available for width and height.

How soon can I receive my custom bulk stickers order?

Cut-to-size stickers can be printed in one (1) business day, while roll stickers take at least two (2) business days. Note that the production time does not include shipping and transit. To get an estimate of your sticker order’s arrival, select “Get Shipping Estimate” at the bottom of your online calculator. Here you can input a ZIP code and a list of estimated arrival dates will appear. These details also include the corresponding shipping cost.

Can I review a proof of my sticker before printing?

Yes, you can request a free PDF proof and approve it before the artwork is printed. After selecting “Upload Your File” on the online calculator, you can choose “I need a PDF proof” from the “Proofing Options.” You can download the PDF proof from the shopping cart after uploading your file. Printing will only proceed after you have approved the PDF file.

Bulk Stickers Layout Templates

Use our bulk sticker layout templates to ensure your artwork and designs are sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each Bulk Sticker size below, in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format for Illustrator or Photoshop.

View Cut-to-size or Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Bulk Sticker Design

Play around with typography.
Typography lets you communicate a brand message without relying on an intricate and complicated design. Make sure your font face, size, and spacing come together to make it readable. Adjust the typography such that the space on your sticker is maximized. The typeface needs to be readable even from a distance. This ensures your text makes an impact and is clear and easy to read.

Keep your brand in mind for every aspect of the design.
Do not compromise your brand’s identity for the sake of a certain font or choice of colors. Before anything else, make sure these factors are in line with your company’s brand identity. Otherwise, your messaging will be inconsistent, and customers can’t make the association upon seeing your custom stickers.

Include a call-to-action.
Add an image or text that encourages the customer to do a specific action. It could prompt them to visit your website, follow you on social, or send an e-mail. A call-to-action will move your customer further down the marketing funnel, bringing more awareness and knowledge to your brand after taking this step.

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