Print Campaign Brochures That Define the Conversations

Hand out full color, high quality campaign brochures to make a strong case for your candidate. Design a brochure that effectively explains your candidate’s story, his or her promises, and how they’ll deliver after the election. Our folding options make it simple to organize the most complex messages into easy-to-digest sections.

Find the Right Size and Specs for Your Political Brochures.

Our most popular option for political brochures is the 100 lb. paper in the standard 11” x 8.5”. This is the thickest paper stock available, making it easy to hand out and keep at big events like rallies. Other popular brochure sizes:
  • 5.5” x 8.5” is a smaller and handier option compared to the standard letter size.
  • 14” x 8.5” has a larger width for each panel.
  • 25.375” x 11” is the biggest size available.

The 16 pt. cardstock is the sturdiest among the cardstock choices. The rigid stock will appeal to sponsors and donors, helping to convey the trustworthiness and promise of your candidate. It’s best to add scoring to this thick stock to prevent unsightly cracking at the folds.

Want to consider the other cardstock and paper options? Consider how each will affect the look and feel of your campaign brochures:
  • 70 lb. paper uncoated is the lightest stock available. It comes scored and folded when delivered.
  • 80 lb. paper is slightly thicker than the 70 lb. paper and comes in either matte or gloss coating.
  • 14 pt. cardstock is crease and fold resistant. You can add matte, high-gloss UV, or gloss on both sides. You can also have one or both sides uncoated for writability.

Not sure if gloss or high-gloss UV would better convey your candidate’s brand? Here’s what to consider in choosing each finish:
  • Gloss gives a bright pop and shine to your brochure design’s colors.
  • High-gloss UV is extra vibrant compared to gloss, perfect for intricately detailed brochures.
  • Matte has a low glare finish that makes lengthier text easy to read.

How to Customize Your Brochure Printing

The folds of your brochures will determine the flow and layout of your campaign material. Choose from any of these organized folding options:
  • Accordion fold opens like its namesake. It comes in four panels.
  • Half fold results in four panels after the size you choose is folded in half.
  • Tri-fold comes in three panels for easy organization of information.
  • French fold has four panels of equal size that can open into one large image.
  • Z-fold has three panels that can have information on both sides.

Need a better way to organize your content? Perforation and tabbing options allow you to neatly organize your content and create a response portion.

Tabs can also be ordered to seal the open edges of your brochures, for a neater appearance (and as needed per mailing regulations). Same-day turnaround times and large order quantities also let you create the brochures you want, right when you need them.

To print political brochures or any custom order, give us a call or fill out our custom order form.

Campaign Brochures FAQs

How do I ensure my brochure artwork is print ready?
Take note of the following guidelines to ensure print-ready artwork:

1. Make sure the file is designed with the bleed, trim line, and caution zone.
  • The bleed is the last border where the background of your image will extend. The artwork’s size should be 0.25” larger than the finished size for the correct bleed.
  • The trim line is where we will cut to achieve your chosen size. Add 0.25” to each of the four sides for this area.
  • The caution line borders enclose all important elements of your design, such as logos and text. Make sure the text and other elements are at least 0.125" away from the trim line. No important parts of an image should go past this line.
2. Set your file's resolution to at least 300 dpi. Otherwise, you'll end up with a blurred, pixelated file.
3. Submit in any of the recommended formats for upload: PDF, JPG, and TIF.

What is the recommended cardstock for political brochure printing?
The 16 pt. cardstock is recommended for its thick and rigid features. It's less susceptible to creases and folds.

How do I create a brochure design on my preferred folding option?
Layout templates for all folding choices are available for download. On the Layout Templates tab, expand the folding templates to view the sizes available. Templates are available in JPG, Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop formats.

You can also use our online design tool after inputting your folding option and size.

Do you offer custom sizes for brochure printing?
Political brochures are offered in the standard sizes found in the online calculator. If you need a brochure in a specific size, visit the custom printing page for a wider range of available dimensions. You can also customize the folds, scoring, perforations, and tabs on this page.

Will the brochures be folded upon arrival?
Brochures made of paper stock will be delivered folded upon delivery. Brochures printed in cardstock are scored, which means they have a ridge or indentation to indicate where to fold. Scores prevent unsightly creases from appearing when you fold the cardstock-made brochures.

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out some of the helpful articles below for tips on creating an effective political brochure:

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace Brochures

“Getting brochures are very easy at Print Place! Just upload your design and order. Paper quality shows off the print job nicely and reordering is a snap. Great customer service, but I rarely have to call.”

 - Judy, New York

“PrintPlace handled a reprint of an updated brochure perfectly once again! We uploaded via their website and it turned out that we needed some help with getting our imaging to register properly for bleed, which was quickly resolved by phone.”

 - Nunn Studio, Texas

“We have been able to depend on PrintPlace for quality printing, quick turnaround times, and reasonable pricing. The paper stocks they use are great and the color reproduction is stellar.”

 - Linda, Oklahoma

Political Brochure Templates

Use our brochure layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. layout templates can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Download Brochure Layout Templates

View Brochure Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Customized Political Brochure Printing Makes a Difference

Both print and digital marketing play vital roles in your political campaigns. Campaign managers and consultants hand out brochures to make a case for their candidate. But before you start handing out the material, here are a few tips to make these tools effective in making a strong case for your candidate:

  • Complement your brochures, flyers, and other print promotions with a mobile-friendly website.
  • Distribute brochures during conversations with potential voters. Do not just leave them on a person's car. Give them directly to individuals and talk to them about your candidate.
  • Make sure your brochure design is aligned with the rest of your marketing materials. All design and copy elements should work together as a whole to communicate a unified and clear brand for your candidate’s brand.
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