Plastic Business Card Printing

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Thick and durable business cards that stand out.

  • Clear, white or frosted cards
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Prints on thick, 20 pt. plastic
  • Great for designers and business
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Plastic Business Card Printing Grabs Everyone’s Attention

Handing out plastic business cards sends a strong message: you mean business. Printed on thick, 20 pt. plastic material, our cards will stand the test of time. Impress your clients with visually stunning designs.

You have three options. White plastic is our standard plastic business card offering. Any element of your design that is left blank will remain white. There’s also the frosted option where blank elements of your design will be semi-transparent. And finally, you’ve got clear plastic where blank elements will be fully transparent. When designed creatively, your cards will absolutely blow customers away.

Choose from one of three shape options: rectangle, square, and oval. Our 4-sided shapes will have ¼” or ⅛” rounded corners. You can order as many as 5,000 plastic business cards per order.

Plastic Business Card Templates

Our plastic business card templates will help you design your cards. Use these templates to make sure you set the right layout before you submit your design for proofing.

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Plastic Card Printing: The Best Marketing Tool Money Can Buy

There are long-term gains when printing plastic business cards. Because plastic cards are not damaged easily, you can have them with you for years. And they will stay with your customers for just as long. And because you’re handing out custom plastic cards, recipients are incentivized to keep them around.

The types of designs one can do with clear, frosted, or white business cards can’t be understated. It’s fun to design transparent or semi-transparent designs. These unique business cards demand attention and they’re guaranteed to get it.

You can take your business cards to trade shows and events. They’ll be a hit at conferences and meetups. Whether you’re a freelancer or someone who’s running his own business, you can print plastic cards to help you make a connection with your audience.

See all the options we have to offer and see if plastic business card printing is for you.