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  • Accentuate business card design through metallic ink
  • More complex colors than foil stamping
  • Available in square and rectangle
  • Highlight business logo with Spot UV

The Smart Choice: Go Bright With Metallic Colors

Metallic business cards make eye-catching conversation starters with their reflective ink. Attention-grabbing marketing pieces like metallic business cards help clients and customers easily recall the interaction you’ve had with them.

A Premium Product Offering

Metallic printing elevates your business cards to a whole new level. Apply it to your company name or logo to make your design shimmer. It is printed on a premium 16 pt. cardstock that prevents folds and creases during storage and distribution. It comes with a shiny gloss coating on both sides to protect your design.

The metallic finish can also be applied on one or both sides. Metallic business cards are available in different sizes with 2” x 3.5” being the most popular. Square business cards are also an option.

Spot UV Seals the Deal

Spot UV is a special coating applied to a specific area to add shine and texture. It blends well with metallic ink. Use spot UV to bring attention to business logos or product information.

Shine Bright, Shine Hard

Metallic business cards are best used for designs that feature lots of contrasting colors. Text tends to stand out more. And unlike foil stamping, metallic ink can work on most colors, even on color gradients.

It’s the right choice for graphic designers. Metallic business card printing gives them the chance to showcase their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the file set up process the same as regular business cards?
  • Yes, it is. If you need help setting up your file, call us.
2. What’s the difference between foil stamping and metallic ink printing?
  • Foil stamping is only available in 3 colors: copper, silver, and gold. Metallic ink printing can be used on a wide range of hues.
3. What’s the standard business card size?
  • The standard business card size is 3.5” x 2” which is also our most popular size option.
4. What’s special about your 16 pt. cardstock?
  • Our premium 16 pt. cardstock does not easily bend and has some noticeable heft to it.