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A creative way to make business cards stand out.

  • Embossed ink adds texture to business cards
  • Prints on thick 16 pt. Cardstock
  • Available in standard size: 2” x 3.5”
  • Velvet lamination complements raised ink

Difference That You Can Feel

Bring your business cards to life with raised spot UV business card printing. This printing process introduces texture that can mimic the look and feel of certain products. You can also use it to bring attention to your business logo.

Having that texture on your business cards can be the one feature that sets you apart from the pack. It really is a difference maker.

Built to Endure Multiple Meetings

Your business card will be made of durable 16 pt. cardstock that boasts of these features:

  • A durable and hefty cardstock built to withstand multiple handlings.
  • Features a velvet laminate finish that adds to the cardstock's thickness, adding it up to 18 pt.
  • The perfect choice for anyone looking to create a professional impression

Velvety Soft

Areas not covered by the spot UV coating will have a velvet lamination applied to it. It’s the perfect contrast to spot UV and will result in a silky smooth finish that's soft to the touch.

Go Beyond 2 Colors

Instead of traditional raised ink thermography, we use digital raised ink printing. What does that mean for you? With the traditional method, you can only print in 1 or 2 colors. Our raised spot UV business cards can be printed in a wide range of colors.

We can also print full images and not just text and logos as you would with the traditional method.


Can I add raised spot UV to the whole business card?
You can add spot UV up to 30% of the surface.

What does the surface feel like? Rough or smooth?
The surface would feel smooth which is the opposite of the traditional method.

How high will the ink be raised?
It will be raised by 50 microns which is about .05 millimeters thick.

What is turnaround time?
It’s the amount of time it would take to print your business cards excluding weekends and holidays. Shipping time is not included.

What’s the difference between raised spot UV and spot UV coating?
Raised spot UV applies more layers of ink to achieve an embossed effect.