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An easy way to create an unforgettable custom business card.

  • Stylish round shape
  • Thick 14 pt. cardstock
  • Print as fast as 2 days

"We sell at local farmers markets and bazaars. I am astonished at the number of people who take a card and get in touch with us via that exposure…Prior to PrintPlace I was printing business cards at home. The difference is night and day. Thank you for a wonderful and professional product!"

Amy Nicholaisen, Birdwings Fine Chocolate

Outstanding Circle Business Cards

Circle business card printing is the perfect way to present your corporate identity, helping your brand to stand out while maintaining a classic feel. The 2.5” circle is just the right size to present round logos and corporate seals. The round shape is also durable, preventing premature creasing typical of business cards with sharp corners.

Choose between 3 coating options for the front and back of your cards to give a nice contrast and create a more dynamic look.

Circle business cards are just the thing to round out your corporate stationery, regardless of the size of your business. Order as few as 25 - a good quantity for freelancers -or as many as 100,000 -perfect for a large sales team- in a single order.

To learn more about die-cut circle business cards give our print experts a call.