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Clear Stickers Let You See What's Underneath.

  • Printed on durable, clear vinyl-like BOPP material
  • Protective gloss and matte laminate coating
  • On a roll for easy peeling and application
  • Sizes for every product from glass bottles, jars and more

Clear Stickers Offer Surprising Versatility

Clear sticker printing expand the possibilities of sticker design by giving you transparent text and graphics or a “no label look” should you choose. While they do work well as product labels, these stickers excel on transparent surfaces such as store windows, cooler doors, windshields and beverage containers. Transparent stickers also good for instances that you might want to show off the surface you’re attaching the label to, such as with clothing labels. This can make for a dramatic and memorable sticker design.

The clear BOPP stock used for clear stickers is also scratch-resistant and waterproof, making them a good choice for outdoor applications. They can also be used on products that would normally be frozen or immersed in ice water.

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