Wind Resistant A-Frame Signs

Easy, Breezy Advertising With Wind-Resistant A-Frame Signs

Keep your outdoor advertising message upright and visible with wind-resistant A-frame signs. These signs can be displayed at storefronts, on sidewalks, and in places with high foot traffic like schools, churches, restaurants, businesses, and more.

Wind-resistant A-frame signs are the perfect solution for your outdoor signage needs. These signs are made of a durable 3/16" corrugated plastic material and have springs that connect the frame to the base, which allows them to withstand windy conditions. The bases can also be ballasted with sand or water for added stability.

Whether you want to display your menu, daily specials, or sales event advertisement, you can use wind-resistant A-frame signs to get your message across effectively.

Not Your Typical A-Frame Sign

Aside from their durability, wind-resistant A-frame signs provide users the convenience to display their message. Here are some of their noteworthy features:

  • Portable – wind-resistant A-frame signs come with two wheels on the base, allowing users to move the sign from one place to another.
  • Lightweight – each sign is lightweight and has a handle on top for easy carrying.
  • Eye-catching – the frames have the flexibility to sway with the wind, which can immediately capture the attention of passersby.
  • Replaceable Panels – wind-resistant A-frame signs come with a “quick change” feature which allows users to easily swap panels and securely place them in the frame – no need for additional bolts, clips, or any special treatment!
  • Large Graphics – every 24” x 36” panel can accommodate text and large images in an advertisement.
  • Easy assembly – assembling a wind-resistant A-frame sign is easy and convenient for users: just bolt the frame onto the base so that it remains stable when placed outdoors.
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Design Your Own Wind-Resistant A-Frame Sign With Layout Templates

Use our layout templates to ensure your design prints out correctly. Simply download the file below in the right format to prepare your design for the best outcome possible.

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