Choose from our multiple paper stocks and folding options to create a unique brochure for your business.

  • 6 paper stock options
  • 9 standard sizes
  • Additional sizes available with a custom trim
  • 9 folding options for select stocks and sizes
  • 6 hole drilling options
  • 3 tabbing options
  • Full color brochure printing available on one or both sides

"Brochures give me an attractive and interest-grabbing display item for vet offices, groomers, etc…I love having the option of having the brochure inspected through your art department. It adds a level of security."

Eve Wrest, GR Dog Adventures, LLC

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Professional-Quality Online Brochure Printing

Additional Brochure Printing Features:

  • Quantities from 25-250,000
  • Same day to 5-day turnaround times
  • Digital and offset printing available
  • Full bleed included in standard prices

Create professional-quality brochures, in a simple, fast order. You can get an instant quote with our online quote tool, upload your artwork, and place your order, all without leaving your desk. That's what makes so easy.

Choose from 9 folding options including z-fold and half-fold brochures, to create one that fits your product perfectly. Whichever you choose, we know you will love it, because our full color brochures will make a big impact for your business.

Same Day Turnaround: All brochures are available for our same day printing turnaround service.

To print brochures in custom sizes and options, call us or fill out our custom order form.

Layout Templates for Online Brochure Printing

Need layout help? Choose one of the layout templates on your desktop computer. You will find the right layout template for your project no matter what fold or size you use. Even if you’re a pro at graphic design, it’s a good idea to use these layout templates, so you can check your dimensions and ensure your brochures print correctly on our presses.

View Brochure Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer our guided layout instructions.

Brochure Direct Mail Services

Let us take care of your mailing. The convenience of printing with is carried through to our mailing services. We will mail your brochures to your target customers on time, and save you the hassle. Let us mail them when they are hot off the press!

Our direct mail services include…

  • Processing of 1 mailing list
  • Duplication removal if requested
  • CASS certification
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Postal presorting
  • Delivery to the post office

The cost for direct mail services is $24 per 1000 brochures, plus an $85 setup fee.

For details about mailing requirements such as size and tabbing specifications, read our Brochure Mailing Requirements.

Brochure Marketing and Design Ideas

A brochure can give a lot of information without overwhelming the reader, because they provide it in an organized and compact format. This makes it an ideal way to showcase your business.

Brochures can:

  • Tell the story of your company – Give more than just your name and slogan. Tell the story of how you started and why you are here. Showing the personal side of your business will make your customers feel welcome because they already know you.
  • Explain a popular service – Show how a particular service can be useful to your customer by giving them specific examples.
  • Illustrate how your product works – When a photo isn’t enough, more room for a product demonstration can come in handy.
  • Detail an upcoming event – Include a schedule and full details of an upcoming event so anyone interested will hold onto it for the information.