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Sticker Printing

Sticker Printing

Create a design made specifically for your brand and its products.

  • High-quality cut-to-size and roll stickers
  • Rectangle, square, circle, and oval
  • Print as fast as 1 business day
Custom Stickers
Custom Stickers
  • Choose from 4 shapes and custom sizes
  • White sticker paper, vinyl, & BOPP
  • Print in 1-2 business days
from $14.50
Bulk Stickers
Bulk Stickers
  • Order up to 100,000 pieces
  • Save more on larger quantities
  • Custom shapes for roll stickers
from $14.50
Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl Stickers
  • Durable, waterproof white vinyl
  • Roll and cut-to-size formats
  • Square, rectangle, circle, and oval
from $15.00
Clear Stickers
Clear Stickers
  • Printed in roll format
  • Made of waterproof clear BOPP
  • Matte and gloss laminate
from $197.50
Round Stickers
Round Stickers
  • Cut-to-size & roll formats
  • Several sizes including custom
  • Uncoated, gloss, matte, & UV
from $27.50
Oval Stickers
Oval Stickers
  • Gloss, matte, & UV coatings
  • Roll and cut-to-size formats
  • Print in 2-3 business days
from $27.00
Bumper Stickers
Bumper Stickers
  • Durable vinyl sticker material
  • Sizes from 2” x 2” to 12” x 18”
  • Print in 1 business day
from $14.50
Campaign Stickers
Campaign Stickers
  • 4 shapes and custom sizes
  • White sticker paper, BOPP, & vinyl
  • 1 to 2 business days printing
from $14.50
Business Stickers
Business Stickers
  • Apply on jars, bottles, & packaging
  • Gloss, matte, high- gloss UV coating
  • White sticker, vinyl, & BOPP
from $14.50
Promotional & Event Stickers
Promotional and Event Stickers
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Cut-to-size and roll format
  • Print in 1 to 2 business days
from $14.50
Metallic Sticker Printing
Metallic Stickers
  • Apply metallic shine on the front
  • Come in several standard sizes
  • Moisture-resistant white paper 
from $59.50

Sticker Printing You Can Personalize in Any Size, Shape, and Color

Custom stickers are a fast, easy, and affordable way to decorate any type of product packaging. PrintPlace helps you customize every detail, whether you need a circle, square, rectangle, or special shape for your sticker printing design.

Follow our guide below to help you get started on your next great design.

How to Choose Your Sticker Type


  • Recommended for small quantity orders
  • Easy to apply manually on product packaging
  • Comes in four basic shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval


  • Recommended for large quantity orders (500 and up)
  • Fits in label guns for fast, high-volume applications
  • Rectangle and square shapes come with rounded corners; custom shapes available if needed

How to Customize Your Sticker

After selecting your preferred sticker type, you can customize its look with the following features:

Choose your desired shape and size.

Start with the standard shapes for any sticker design: square, rectangle, circle, or oval. All four choices come in a variety of large and small sizes to scale your design accordingly. Some of the recommended dimensions include:

  • 3" x 3" for small circle or square stickers.
  • 4" x 4" for larger square designs.
  • 4" x 2" or 3" x 4" for medium sized rectangle stickers.
  • Custom sizes available if you need specific dimensions.

Select a material that will protect your design a
gainst the elements it will be exposed to, such as water, light, and cold air.

Your choice of sticker paper will depend on what the label will be exposed to:

  • White premium sticker paper is normally used on labels that will be primarily indoors. It comes in gloss or matte coating.
  • BOPP comes in clear, white, or silver metallic colors. This material is recommended for liquid products that will be refrigerated and exposed to oil. It's waterproof and oil and chemical resistant.
  • White Vellum and White/Cream Laid Texture is normally seen on wine bottles and used for its rustic texture. It is best stored in a refrigerator. It lasts about 4 hours in an ice bucket and does not have the oil and chemical resistance of BOPP.

Apply a coating that complements your design.

White paper sticker comes in gloss, matte, or high- gloss UV coating.

  • Gloss provides a reflective shine on the surface and protects the design from scuff and scratches.
  • High- gloss UV has a higher shine and vibrance that allows colors and details to stand out from afar.
  • Matte gives an elegant, soft touch to the colors on your design and makes text easier to read.

Outdoor-friendly white vinyl and refrigerator-friendly BOPP comes in matte or gloss coating.

The textured materials come either uncoated for a writable surface or matte for the least glare and additional protection.

Top Five Print Guidelines

These printing guidelines ensure your personalized stickers don't encounter any issues or won't require any changes before proceeding to production:

1. Convert your artwork's color to CMYK. Like any other professional printing company, all orders are produced in CMYK or full-color printing. Make sure the file's color is in CMYK and not in RGB before uploading.

2. Ensure an image resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI).

Make sure all images on your file are at 300 DPI at full size. Stretching or enlarging an image to fit the canvas will reduce the resolution and result in a blurry or pixelated print.

3. Review the bleed on your artwork.

Make sure your design extends all the way to the canvas or paper's edge so that no detail is cut off upon printing. The bleed area will indicate how far your design should reach in order to prevent white lines from appearing on print.

Make sure all sticker files include an additional 0.125 inches of bleed on the edge. To create your artwork within the exact measurements, use our online design tool or download any of our available templates.

4. Submit a file in any of the prescribed file formats.

PDF is the ideal file format for printing, but we also accept the following:

  • JPG
  • TIF
  • EPS

Have any more questions about your custom stickers order? Contact our print experts and they'll be glad to answer all your queries.


Can I select a custom size and shape for my stickers?
Yes, you can select a custom size in your preferred shape for roll stickers. Choose custom as your shape on the online calculator. Options for your width and height will appear for you to choose from.

Do you offer sticker printing for die- cut shapes?
Yes. Just follow the steps in the previous question and upload a design in the desired shape.

Do you print bumper stickers?
Yes, you can upload bumper stickers for us to print on its respective product page. Bumper stickers are made of weather-proof vinyl sticker that withstands outdoor elements. Your order can be printed in 1 business day.

What colors can I print in a metallic finish?
You can print any color with a metallic finish. We recommend applying the metallic shine on light or pastel hues so that the shimmer is obvious. All metallic stickers come with a high-gloss UV coating that protects the surface from fingerprints and dust.

What is the best material for stickers that will be displayed outdoors?
The white vinyl sticker material is recommended for labels that will be displayed outdoors and exposed to different elements. Its waterproof feature protects your design.

What is the best material for stickers placed on items that are stored in a refrigerator?
BOPP is the best choice for stickers placed on refrigerated items. It is waterproof, oil, and chemical resistant, and retains the sticker design upon storage.

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

I bought these stickers as a throw for an upcoming Mardi Gras parade, and I'm extremely happy with the quality. The ordering process was easy, and they arrived quickly. I will be ordering more stickers in the future.

- Gretsy, Louisana

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

The nonprofit I was purchasing the car decals for is on a shoestring budget and the order needed to meet a tight deadline. PrintPlace was the best price and provided an excellent product. PrintPlace helped answer preprinting questions on the phone, the order was super easy to upload online, and the delivery was even a day earlier than expected with normal shipping cost. I ordered the free, sample pack from PrintPlace. Lots of great items for future purchases. I'll definitely order from PP again.

- Tally, Florida

Why Customers Choose PrintPlace

My order was fast and accurately printed. I will definitely be using PrintPlace again.

- Susan R, Missouri