Outdoor Stickers

Spread your message far and wide.
  • Label products, equipment, or any item with durable stickers
  • Use custom stickers as giveaways in conferences or events
  • Print your custom stickers on weatherproof materials

Stick Your Promotions Anywhere

custom stickers for outdoors

Custom Stickers

  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • Custom shape available
  • Gloss or matte coating

vinyl stickers for outdoor use

Vinyl Stickers

  • Durable white vinyl
  • 3 standard shapes
  • Next-day printing option

customized bumper stickers

Bumper Stickers

  • Weather-proof vinyl
  • High-gloss UV coating
  • Order as few as 25 pieces

outdoor event or promotional stickers

Promotional and Event Stickers

  • Best for outdoor events
  • 1-day printing option
  • Matte, gloss & high gloss

custom stickers for outdoor business

Business Stickers

  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • Standard & custom shapes
  • Next-day printing option

clear stickers for outdoor

Clear Stickers

  • Made from clear BOPP
  • Gloss or matte lamination
  • Durable & waterproof

weatherproof round sticker

Round Stickers

  • Best for round logos
  • Gloss, matte & high gloss
  • Order as few as 25 pieces

weatherproof oval stickers for outdoor

Oval Stickers

  • White vinyl sticker paper
  • Classic oval shape
  • Fast turnaround times

bulk outdoor stickers

Bulk Stickers

  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • White vinyl or BOPP
  • 1-day printing option

Reach More People With Custom Outdoor Stickers

Outdoor stickers are a cost-effective way to expand the reach of your promotions. These marketing tools are easy to produce and can be applied on a wide variety of things including product packaging such as boxes, paper bags, and bottles. These stickers can also be used on your car, laptop, and store window, which allows you to convey your message to more people and reach out to your potential customers.

Our outdoor stickers can be customized in plenty of ways. Depending on the stickers printing format, the materials alone give you several options to choose from. White vinyl sticker paper is available in individual cut-to-size format. Roll format, on the other hand, offers white vinyl, silver metallic BOPP, clear BOPP, and white BOPP. These materials are not only durable, they are also made to be scratch-, UV- and water-resistant, therefore perfect for outdoor use.

How to Customize Your Outdoor Stickers

Step 1. Choose a sticker format.

Opt for the roll format if you need to label items in large quantities. Stickers in roll format can be applied easily with the help of a standard label dispenser. Cut-to-size format is ideal if you need only a small quantity of stickers. You can also use these stickers as handouts at events or freebies that come with your products.

Step 2. Pick the shape and size.

Our outdoor stickers come in standard shapes such as square, circle, and oval. For roll format, these stickers are also offered in custom shapes. When it comes to size, our custom stickers are available in most popular sizes. You can even go as big as 12” x 18” for some of our sticker products.

Step 3. Select the material and coating.

Only high-quality materials are used in creating our custom outdoor stickers to ensure their durability. Water and UV-resistant materials include BOPP and white vinyl. Other materials like white sticker paper and textured paper are better for indoor applications. You can add more protection and style to your outdoor stickers by coating them with either a matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV finish.

Step 4. Create your own sticker design.

Customize the design of your outdoor stickers. Upload your own artwork on our website or create one using our online 3D design tool. You can also download our cut-to-size or roll sticker layout templates to make it easy for you to create your own sticker design using your preferred graphic design software.

How to Make a Winning Outdoor Sticker Design

Make your sticker design stand out by following some of these winning design tips:

Match the Colors With Your Brand

Use your brand colors in your outdoor sticker to design to ensure consistency. This will help boost brand recognition since your target audience can easily associate your stickers with your brand just by looking at the colors.

Ensure the Text is Readable

Do away with overly complicated fonts for your outdoor stickers. Keep in mind that the goal is to effectively convey your message to your potential customers, so pick a simple font and that can be easily read even from a distance.

Use High-Resolution Images

If you want your sticker design to look crisp and clean, it’s important to use only high-resolution images. Low-resolution images can appear blurry and pixelated on medium to large-size stickers.

Design in CMYK

Make the colors on your outdoor stickers appear exactly as what you see in your screen—or at least, close to it—by designing in CMYK color mode. Print processes use CMYK colors, not RGB.

Make the Design Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to designing your custom stickers. You want your target audience to immediately understand what you are trying to convey. If your sticker design is cluttered with several confusing details, it may not be effective in delivering your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stickers are waterproof?

Custom stickers that are made from the following materials are waterproof, UV-resistant, and scratch-resistant:

  • White Vinyl
  • White BOPP
  • Silver Metallic BOPP
  • Clear BOPP

How long do outdoor stickers last?

Typically, outdoor stickers can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years. Their lifespan still depends on several factors including the surface where the stickers are applied and how often they are exposed to various weather elements.

What material is best for outdoor stickers?

If you want stickers that won’t show any noticeable ink fading or material deterioration for a long period of time, be sure to choose the sticker materials that are made for outdoor application. This includes white vinyl and BOPP.

What is the minimum order quantity for your outdoor stickers?

You can order as few as 25 pieces on cut-to-size outdoor stickers. Roll outdoor stickers, on the other hand, have a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces.

Can I order outdoor sticker printing in bulk?

Yes, you can. It’s advisable to order stickers in bulk because you can get bigger savings. With the more stickers you order, the price per sticker gets lower.