Bulk Custom Stickers

  • Design in your logo’s shape & size
  • Print in individual cut-to-size or roll
  • Order in bulk to save more on unit price

Create Your Own Custom Business Stickers

Choose the right size, shape, and finish for your branding.

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

  • 4 standard shapes
  • Custom sizes available
  • BOPP & vinyl materials

Print Bulk Stickers

Bulk Stickers

  • Custom sizes for roll
  • Cheaper prices per unit
  • Order up to 100,000

Print Business Stickers

Business Stickers

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Custom sizes available
  • 4 standard shapes

Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers

  • 4 shapes & custom sizes
  • Waterproof, clear BOPP
  • Gloss or matte laminate

Print Round Stickers

Round Stickers

  • Perfect for circle logos
  • Roll & cut-to-size
  • Several sizes for roll

Print Oval Stickers

Oval Stickers

  • 4 sizes for cut-to-size
  • Various sizes for roll
  • Waterproof materials

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

  • Made of waterproof vinyl
  • High-gloss UV coating
  • 4 shapes & custom sizes

Print Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

  • Weather & waterproof
  • 4 standard shapes
  • High-gloss coating

Print Campaign Stickers

Campaign Stickers

  • Standard or custom shapes
  • Order in bulk to save more
  • 1-day printing for cut-to-size

Promotional and Event Stickers

Promotional and Event Stickers

  • Print in a custom size
  • Standard shapes available
  • 1- to 2-day printing

Print Metallic Stickers

Metallic Stickers

  • Let colors shine
  • 17 sizes available
  • Order up to 5,000

Create More and Save More With Bulk Custom Stickers

Print custom cheap stickers without having to compromise quality or quantity. Order hundreds to thousands of bulk custom stickers and save a lot on your packaging design or customer giveaways. Choose between individual cut-to-size or several rolls, depending on the quantity of your order. All stickers come in the 4 standard shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval. You can also select a custom size for roll stickers.

At PrintPlace, you can easily create business stickers that showcase your company name and branding. Create a design in a square or rectangle to show off your business name or print in a circle or oval in the size of your logo.

Roll stickers usually come in custom dimensions ranging from 0.5” in width and height to as big as 6” (W) and 12” (H). To combine your preferred dimensions, select “Custom Size” as your shape and a long list of widths and heights will appear.

How to Choose Your Business Sticker

Need a custom shape and size that isn’t the standard? Choose your width and height individually on the custom stickers page.

Order bulk stickers for quantities between hundreds to thousands. You save more unit prices the bigger your order. For example, 50 square 2” x 2” cut-to-size stickers cost 32¢ each but 1,000 cut-to-size stickers of the same size and material only cost 3¢ per item.

Print round or oval stickers if you need more sizes under this shape. For items exposed outdoors, design vinyl stickers or bumper ones for vehicles to use.

Have an upcoming gathering or rally? Create promotional and event stickers or campaign stickers to market your cause.

You can also create shiny metallic stickers for holiday deals and for any other special occasion. For more serious designs, upload your business stickers for distribution or decoration around your establishment.

Built to Endure Outdoor and Indoor Exposure

Our cheap sticker printing ensures your branding lasts, whether it’s displayed in-store or exposed to outdoor elements. Choose from several sturdy materials that all have a permanent adhesive. Materials vary according to the sticker format:

Cut-to-size Sticker Materials
  • White paper sticker has a smooth white finish that suits items not exposed to water or moisture. It is recommended for indoor use only. Perfect for household items like candles or gadgets.
  • White vinyl sticker is waterproof, oil and chemical resistant, and can withstand a temperature between -65° to 200°F. It is the thickest and sturdiest material available. Typically used for vinyl and bumper stickers.

Roll Sticker Materials
  • White premium sticker paper is recommended for indoor use only. Comes with a smooth, elegant white finish.
  • BOPP (white, clear, and silver metallic) is normally used on items that are chilled. Comes in white, clear, or silver metallic backgrounds. It is waterproof and resistant to oil and common solvents.
  • Textured estate (white vellum or laid and cream laid) has a rustic finish as its name describes. Choose between a Kraft paper finish for the white or cream laid textures or white paper on the white vellum. They all last at least 4 hours in an ice bucket and can be refrigerated.

Have questions about how to print stickers? Talk to any of our print experts and they’ll gladly answer all your queries. Call them any time between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT from Monday to Friday.

Bulk Custom Stickers FAQs

Q: What is the largest and smallest sticker size I can print?
A: What is the largest and smallest sticker size I can print? The largest and smallest sizes depend on the sticker type, format, and shape. The estimated sizes are as follows:

Cut-to-Size Square/Rectangle Circle Oval
Largest Sizes 12” x 18” 4” x 4” 3” x 4”
Smallest Sizes 2” x 2” 2” x 2” 1.5” x 2.5”

Roll Square/Rectangle Circle Oval
Largest Sizes Rectangle (rounded corners) – 7” x 5”
Square (rounded corners) – 5” x 5”
6” x 6” 5” x 3.5”
Smallest Sizes 0.5” x 1” 0.5” x 0.5” 0.75” x 1.5”

Q: Can I print custom stickers in my chosen size and shape?
A: Yes, you can print custom shapes and sizes for the roll format. Select “Custom” as the shape and then choose from the various sizes available for width and height.

Q: Can I remove the stickers easily without leaving a mark on the applied surface?
A: All available materials come with a permanent adhesive that doesn’t easily come off. Removing the sticker will leave some residue and damage the design. We recommend these stickers for permanent, long-lasting applications.

Q: Will I save more with a bulk custom sticker order?
A: Yes, the larger your order quantity, the less you spend per sticker. The online calculator will load the total price and cost per piece.

Q: What format and size should my file be upon upload?
A: All files should be in PDF, EPS, PUB, or PSD format. The size will be determined by the conversion of your file into CMYK color settings and ensuring all visuals and images are at 300 dpi. Check out this page for more information.

Free Downloadable Print Templates

Check out our free layout templates for download on this page. Apart from business stickers, our printing company also offers templates for other marketing staples like catalogs, calendars, brochures, and business cards.

For more ready-to-print designs, visit our Print Templates page.