Subscription Boxes

  • Showcases the polish & variety of your products
  • Comes in the exact size & material you need
  • Create & preview your box in a 3D design tool


Showcase Your Business' Curated Items in Premium Custom Subscription Boxes

Today’s online consumer seeks experiences through the items they order. Curated items make up the majority or 55% of e-commerce subscriptions, according to McKinsey and Company’s 2018 study. When it comes to food, skincare, and apparel, consumers trust custom subscription boxes to provide a variety of items put together for their specific needs. Your customers don’t just want better skin—they want a full skincare routine based on their skin type or a set of ingredients with their health goals in mind.

Your subscription box packaging serves as the first tactile experience of these curated items. After all that online interaction, customers look forward to opening the box and unveiling the items they’ve been waiting for. It’s the first physical opportunity for your brand to make a lasting impression, so every detail needs to count. PrintPlace gives you complete control of your design, from choosing the size, material, and quantity to seeing the box in 3D on your browser.

custom printed subscription box

How to Customize Your Subscription Boxes

Input dimensions based on the items delivered in your curated sets.

You can combine the length, width, and depth that will fit the variety of products and the design of your curated subscription box. The range for each dimension is as follows:

  • Length starts at 3” and goes up to 25”
  • Width is a minimum of 2” up to a maximum of 25”
  • Depth goes from 1” to as deep as 15”

If you’re not sure about the subscription box measurement, the preview will show the approximate appearance after the specs are indicated.

Print in a corrugated cardboard material that represents your brand and sets the correct impression.

All subscription boxes are made of thick and sturdy corrugated cardboard. This three-layer material can withstand the external impact and multiple handling the items go through while in transit. Choose a color that will match the minimalism or lavishness of your branding:

  • Standard white offers a smooth, clean, and fresh look for the simplest designs. It provides that high-end finish without the luxury price.
  • Premium white is a smart investment for luxury brands that need to present their best selves forward.
  • Premium white with glossy ink emphasizes specific elements. Apply a shiny gloss to your logo, company name, or customer message so customers immediately see your branded visuals.
  • Kraft (brown) is a simple yet elegant color that suits rustic or organic brands. Perfect for natural green or other colors that match the brown associated with corrugated cardboard.

Use the online design tool or request a flat dieline file to edit your print-ready file.

Every step of your subscription box packaging can be done on our site. After inputting your specifications, select “Design Your Mailer Box Online” below the calculator. This will take you to the 3D online design tool, where you can add elements to both the exterior and interior of the box. It includes a 3D preview that updates every time a new element is added.

Have a print-ready file on hand? Request for a dieline that will show the printing guidelines and where to place the different parts of the design.

Bulk orders take 20 to 25 business days to print. You can pay a little extra to expedite production within 6 to 8 business days. Your custom subscription boxes will be shipped after the production time.

Have questions about our custom box printing? Our experts will gladly answer your questions through the customer service hotline or via Live Chat. Each agent is trained to give you the right advice and answer all your queries about the available printing services.

Subscription Boxes FAQs

How do I make my product packaging?

Use the online design tool to create your subscription box’s look. Our online tool lets you design both the exterior and interior of the box.

How do you make a subscription box successful?

  1. Know your market. Narrow down the need or want your box will be providing. It should be unique enough to stand out, while also sustainable enough to be something your market will be looking for.
  2. Design each detail on the box to be a complete experience. From how the items are stored and organized to the messages printed on the flaps, you want every aspect to be customized to your customer’s taste.
  3. Make the online experience seamless. Your site or e-commerce platform should be easy to use. It’s your first point of contact and will ensure that customers hit “checkout” instead of abandoning their cart.

Is the subscription box easy to pack and assemble?

Yes, all subscription boxes come scored with lines to show where to fold and complete their assembly. No glue or adhesive is needed to seal the top flap onto the interior.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can order one (1) subscription box based on your specifications. A sample box takes much faster to print at 3 to 5 business days.

Can I review the box artwork before it’s printed?

Yes, after creating the custom box online and choosing “Add to Cart” on the online design tool, a pop-up window will appear. Choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval” and you can review a free file online before production. We will only print the file after you’ve sent the approval.