Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes

  • Choose the exact interior dimensions for your products
  • Produce standout packages built for long-distance deliveries
  • See your box design come to life online and in 3D


Create Fun and Colorful Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes

Looking for a fun and engaging way to spark children’s curiosity? Arts and crafts subscription boxes stimulate all their senses and get their brains working. Whether it’s making a creative and colorful painting or building a mini garden from clay or cloth, your business can stand out with art activities for kids.

Switch up your offerings each month with subscription boxes for arts and crafts. Showcase the color of the experience in brilliant packaging that catches everyone’s attention. Here’s how you can customize every detail to showcase the immersive experience.

arts and crafts subscription boxes

How to Customize Your Subscription Boxes for Arts and Crafts

Input the exact dimensions for the box interior.

Be sure to get the inside measurements as you need the exact capacity to fit your different items. Measuring only the outside may result in a box that’s too small and unable to protect everything contained inside.

Choose the color that will complement your custom package design.

All subscription or mailer boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard. This material is built for long-distance deliveries and is available in the following materials:

  • Standard white gives the surface a smooth and bright finish hat works for clean or complementary color designs. Perfect for businesses that want a high-end look but are working under a limited budget.
  • Premium white adds a slight extra sheen to your subscription box. The extra luster shows customers you’re willing to invest in their experience.
  • Premium white with glossy ink highlights specific elements in your package, such as your logo, company name, or product name. It is highly recommended for design that has bright and brilliant colors.
  • Kraft (brown) offers that rustic, all-natural look that suits simple designs or kits that need an earthy look for the package. Perfect for garden or nature-themed arts and crafts projects.

Indicate if you want to add a design on the outside or both sides of the subscription box for arts and crafts.

Showcase what your arts and crafts subscription has to offer throughout the mailer box. You can build anticipation with the exterior before going into details inside the box. But if you prefer an outside-only design, you can also do that with the online design tool.

Select a quantity that fits your budget.

Want to see a sample before you commit to a large quantity order? Start with a sample, and we’ll produce it based on your submitted design.
Those who can afford bulk printing can save on unit prices. The dropdown list for quantities shows how much you save with a larger amount of subscription boxes.

Use the online design tool to create the look from scratch.

After selecting all the applicable features, use our online design tool to create the subscription box packaging. You can upload images, add colors, and edit text on each side of the mailer box. The 3D preview shows the design’s updated look with every new addition. No need to open an editing program and take a crash course to come up with the packaging’s final look.

Inspire creativity for your customers.

An arts and crafts subscription box is not just about the contents. Keep your customers on their toes as soon as they receive their box by making the box itself a project for them to work on. Give them space to decorate, personalize, or draw on the interiors, or add instructions on how to convert the box into a new art piece.

Have more questions about our printing services? Contact any of our print experts, and they’ll gladly walk you through the details.

Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes FAQs

Can I print on both sides of the arts and crafts subscription boxes?

Yes, you can add a design on the exterior and interior of the subscription box. Select “Outside & Inside – Full Color” from the “Printed Sides” dropdown menu so you can add elements on both sides.

How long does it take to produce my subscription box packaging?

Orders of 25 boxes and above take 15 to 20 business days to produce. If you need faster production for bulk orders, check “Rush Production” on the online calculator, and we’ll manufacture it in 6 to 8 business days.

Is there a minimum quantity for ordering subscription boxes?

No, you can order one subscription box, and we’ll produce it based on your specifications. Sample mailer boxes take 3 to 5 business days in production.

Can I upload a file of my subscription box design?

No, we do not accept files of subscription box designs. But you can request a dieline template on the online calculator. You’ll receive a flat PDF layout that shows the correct placement of each box section. Apply your design on the dieline template to ensure the accurate production of your arts and crafts subscription boxes.

Can I add custom features to my arts and crafts subscription boxes?

Yes, you can add custom features like inserts, window cutouts, and other specific details not found on the online calculator. For more information, contact our box specialists.