Packaging Tape

Create Secure, Safe, and High-Quality Branded Packaging Tape for Your Shipments

Seal your shipping boxes with your very own customized packaging tape. The repeated print of your logo and company name lets customers immediately identify their much-anticipated package delivery. It also increases brand association for every purchase made with your business.

Protect and Brand Your Deliveries With Water-Activated Tape

Your custom printed packing tape is created with form and fulfills all the necessary functions to protect the delivered items.

Reinforced material bonds to the package to protect it from external damage.

We use white, reinforced paper that is water-activated to produce a special packaging tape that adheres to the carton. This water-activated tape enables a bond so strong and permanent that it becomes part of the carton. This powerful adhesive protects and holds packages that weigh up to 35 pounds. You can expect your items to arrive intact with zero damage. And if that isn’t durable enough, the material also protects your branded design from oil, dust, dirt, and any extreme temperatures in transit.

Strong adhesive prevents theft and accidental opening during transit.

Any attempt to remove the tape during delivery will be obvious, thanks to its strong adhesion to surfaces. This makes it inconvenient for unauthorized persons to open the package and take items before it arrives at your customer’s doorstep. Moreover, the strong adhesive prevents your package from opening during shipping. This keeps the contents secure, so your customers can rest easy in knowing that their order has not been tampered with. This is especially important if you’re selling food, medicines, and other perishable products.

The wide array of customization options allows you to print packaging tapes in the exact length, orientation, and quantity that you need.

Packaging tapes are not only designed to protect customers’ orders; they are also made to put your brand top of mind through your logo or design. Customize packaging tape by choosing your specifications from the dropdown menu. All packaging tape orders measure 2.75” in width, but you can choose from several lengths to customize how often your logo is repeated:

  • Shortest lengths are 2" and 3"
  • Medium lengths are 4" and 6"
  • Longest is at 12"

Your logo can be oriented horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Adding your logo to these tamper-evident tapes brings more exposure to your brand.

You can also choose quantities based on the total length of the tape. It starts at 100 ft. and can go up to 3,600 ft.

Creating Packaging Tapes With PrintPlace

PrintPlace offers a quick and easy way to create your packaging tape design. You can upload your packaging tape file or use our online design tool to get started.

All artwork files go through a thorough technical inspection to ensure that your file is ready to print without errors. If you want to see a proof of your design, choose the option I need a PDF proof.

Order packaging tape today. Tamper-evident tapes are ready to ship in six (6) business days.


How many rolls should I order?

Each packaging tape roll is equivalent to 100 feet. The number of rolls to order depends on how many packages you need to seal. If you’re unsure, you can order just a few rolls and order more before you run out of stock.

Can I reposition the tape once applied to the package?

Water-activated tape bonds instantly to the surface you apply it on. We do not recommend removing and applying the tape on another surface because it weakens the fibers and adhesive in the paper that make packaging tapes tamper-resistant.

Can I order packaging tapes in bulk?

Yes, you can order as many as 12 rolls (3,600 feet) in one transaction. With bulk printing, you can save more dollars compared to ordering just a few pieces.

Packaging Tape Layout Templates

Use our custom packaging tape layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. Just download PrintPlace layout templates each standard size label below, in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format for Illustrator or Photoshop.

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