Roll Stickers Printing

Roll Stickers Printing: An Easy, Cost-Effective Branding Solution

Running out of ideas to make your products stand out? Get back to the basics. Grab the attention of potential customers by using custom roll stickers for your packaging. Use these stickers as product labels, box and envelope seals, or even as decals for your storefront.

We use different materials for our roll sticker printing. Both vinyl and BOPP are waterproof and oil-resistant, so they are suitable and long-lasting for outdoor use. Textured materials can repel moisture when coated and are commonly used as wine labels. White premium paper is our most popular paper label for indoor use.

How to Create Roll Stickers That Stand Out

Choose a shape that goes well with your packaging.

Our roll stickers come in four standard shapes: rectangle (with rounded corners), square (with rounded corners), circle, and oval. Go with a custom shape if these standard shapes do not suit your requirements. Make sure that your selected shape will fit perfectly onto your packaging whether it’s a bottle, box, pouch, or bag.

Customize the size depending on the information that you need to include.

Your custom stickers also need to accommodate important information such as your product’s logo, brand name, artwork, ingredients, and amount of weight. We offer several standard sizes starting from 0.5" x 0.5", our smallest size.

Choose from a variety of premium, durable materials.

Whether you're creating labels for your packaging or to refresh product branding, we offer several sturdy materials that protect your design from fading and other external elements:

  • White premium sticker paper is recommended for items you display in-store or are kept sealed inside protective packaging.
  • BOPP is a waterproof, oil and chemical-resistant material that's normally seen on food and beverage products. Your design looks good as new even after repeated moisture and oil exposure inside a refrigerator.
  • The textured estate is the go-to sticker material for wine bottles and other gourmet luxury products. It stays waterproof in an ice bucket for about 4 hours, so it's best applied on wine bottles displayed along store aisles and other items temporarily stored inside a refrigerator.

Complement your sticker design with the perfect coating.

Go for a gloss indoor laminate, gloss outdoor laminate, matte coating, or matte laminate to coat your roll stickers. Aside from adding resistance to surface abrasion and scratches on your stickers, a layer of high-quality coating can further enhance the sticker design or artwork.

Start Designing Your Stickers Online

There’s no need to leave our website to design your stickers. Our website’s built-in online design tool is easy to use. Here, you can create your artwork or sticker design from scratch in just a few clicks. Insert images and shapes; add your logo and tagline to your stickers. You can proceed to checkout and place your order once you are done with the design. If you are not yet satisfied with your work, you can save your design first under My Account and continue editing later.

Have a sticker design ready and waiting? Simply upload it through our website. Our team of print specialists will review your uploaded design and make the necessary changes to avoid any technical issues during printing. If you requested a PDF proof to check before printing, just download it to My Account. Don’t forget to approve it so we can proceed to production.

Roll Stickers FAQs

What unwind direction should I choose for roll stickers?

The unwind direction shows the side on which the artwork will be printed and from where the label will be unwound from the cardboard core. Choose the direction that will put your roll stickers on the correct side when applying with a label dispenser:

  • The top of the copy means the label will unwind from above the design's copy.
  • The bottom of the copy has the label unwinding from below the design or copy.
  • The left of the copy means the sticker is applied from the left side of the copy, with the design angled horizontally.
  • Right of copy lets the sticker unwind from the right side of the copy or design.

What is the most durable material available for roll stickers?

BOPP is the sturdiest adhesive material offered for roll stickers. It's waterproof, oil and chemical resistant, and dishwasher safe. White and clear BOPP stays intact after being heated in a microwave.

Can I save more with bulk printing?

Yes, the larger your order quantity, the less you spend on each sticker piece. The online calculator will show the total and unit cost after choosing your specifications.

How soon can I receive my custom printing order?

The arrival of your roll stickers depends on the material's production time and the delivery address’s location. White premium sticker paper rolls are faster to produce at 2 business days. BOPP and texture estate stickers take 5 business days to print. Your roll stickers will be shipped after the indicated production time.

To find out how soon you can receive the roll stickers, select “Get Shipping Estimate” below the online calculator and input your ZIP code. Several arrival dates will appear based on the location. We offer free pick-up for customers based in Arlington, Texas.

Can I review the file before it's sent to production?

Yes, you can choose to review and approve a free PDF proof before it's sent to production. On the “Upload Your Design” page, select “I need a PDF proof” under “Proofing Options.” Your proof will be available to download from the Shipping Cart or on the My Account page after checkout. We will only print the PDF proof after you have sent the approval online.

Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Use our roll stickers layout templates to ensure your artwork and designs are sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each custom sticker size below, in an EPS, PDF, or JPG format for Illustrator or Photoshop.

View Cut-to-size or Roll Stickers Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?

Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

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