Enhance Brand Loyalty With Custom Discount Cards

Give your customers the VIP treatment and reward their loyalty with custom discount cards. These are rewards cards made of durable and waterproof plastic, perfect for offering customers special offers, discounts, and other exclusive perks.

Discount cards are great for promoting your brand, increasing sales, and keeping track of your customers’ purchases. These apply to various industries, from retail and pharmacies to nonprofits and service-oriented businesses. Use them as membership cards and watch your customer base grow!

Maximize Value With Custom Discount Cards

Our custom discount cards will make your customers feel valued and help them maximize savings. Choose from our various customizations below to brighten your customers' day:


We print your logo, design, business name, or tagline on a 20 pt. durable and waterproof plastic material. The card is lightweight and handy enough, so you can easily store it with other cards like your ATM cards, credit cards, IDs, and membership cards.

Plastic Type

Choose from three options available: clear, white, and frosted. Clear is best used for single-sided printing, white for minimalist designs and an opaque appearance, and frosted for a semi-transparent look, especially if your design has cool shades of blue or black.

Make sure to apply a layer of white ink so that your design does not get washed out with the plastic's color, and use vibrant colors and a font size of 9 pts. to make your design pop.


Our discount cards come in two standard sizes: 2" x 3.5" and 2.125" x 3.375". If you prefer the US standard size, choose 2" x 3.5". For something more unique, select 2.125" x 3.375".

Single- and Double-Sided Printing

You can have your design printed on the front side or front and back sides of the discount card. For maximum visibility, we recommend printing on both sides.

Order your custom discount cards from PrintPlace today. You can order at least 100 pieces in one transaction or opt for a large quantity of 5,000 pieces.


Do you have a discount card that is made of paper?

No, we don’t. All our discount cards are made of durable 20 pt. plastic material.

Do you offer custom sizes and shapes for discount cards?

Currently, we only offer standard sizes and shapes for our discount cards.

When will I receive my order?

Our printing turnaround time for discount cards is 5-8 business days. To get an estimate of your delivery date, click “Get Shipping Estimate” in the product calculator and enter the ZIP code for shipping options.

Do your discount cards come with a bar code?

We only print the discount cards. If you want a bar code included in the discount card, ensure it’s incorporated in your design.

Discount Cards Layout Templates

Select a template below to ensure accurate printing of your discount cards. These are available in EPS, JPG, PDF, or Publisher formats, optimized for front and back printing.

Marketing Ideas

Highlight Exclusivity

Make customers feel special by highlighting exclusive offers only to cardholders. This will help build a loyal customer base and encourage customers to purchase more products from your business.

Emphasize Cost Savings

Use eye-catching fonts and graphics to show the potential cost savings offered by the discount card. This will entice customers to keep the card for future use and maximize its value.

Reinforce Your Brand By Using Your Logo

Use your logo to reinforce your brand to customers. This will enhance your brand visibility and help customers remember your business every time they use the discount card.

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