Warning Labels

Keep Everyone Out of Harm’s Way With Warning Labels

Warning labels ensure safety and prevent accidents. They inform consumers of potential allergens and choking hazards required of FDA labeling in food packaging. These labels also keep passers-by aware of hazardous areas and machinery in hospitals and any Prop 65 warnings about chemical exposure in factories. They are also used as child safety labels for car seats and toys. Printing customized warning labels guarantees your visual cues are heeded.

Customize Warning Labels to Attract the Most Attention

Warning labels are usually located near hazardous areas, so visibility and the choice of material are essential to consider.

Choose the Best Format

Cut-to-size labels, which are individually cut and shipped in stacks, are for orders below 250 pieces. If your warning labels are strictly for indoor use and won't be subjected to heat or moisture, then our white paper sticker is the perfect material for you. Otherwise, white vinyl is the better option due to its waterproof and UV-resistant characteristics. These are best used for large warning labels placed on big objects or heavy machinery.

Roll labels come spooled and can be used to label hundreds of products quickly. For rolls, white sticker paper and textured paper are the recommended materials for indoor use. BOPP is the ideal warning label material to use if the surface will be subjected to heat, moisture, or refrigeration. These are highly recommended for food and beverage product warning labels that will include FDA-required information.

Designing Your Custom Warning Labels

Depending on your industry and the use of the warning labels, the information presented will comply with specific requirements. Here's a quick overview of what to include in the following warning labels:

  1. Choking hazard is a requirement of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). It is crucial for items that have small parts children under the age of three may swallow. You also need to include a choking hazard for inflatable objects kids under eight years can choke on if uninflated. You also need to indicate that "adult supervision is required" and to "keep uninflated balloons from children."
  2. Bag suffocation warning is required of products sold inside specific plastic bag types. It's also legally mandated for businesses in California and New York. Be sure to check your state requirement. The warning label requirements for this will depend on the (a) bag volume, (b) bag dimensions, (c) size of the bag opening, and (d) product type. For example, some plastic bag warning labels should emphasize the danger of suffocation among children and babies.
  3. FHSA warning label informs consumers of household products that carry toxic, flammable, irritant, corrosive, combustible, or strong sensitizer ingredients.
  4. California prop 65 requires that any product that contains any of the restricted 800 chemicals and heavy labels have a warning label indicating its presence. The warning label must also state that the chemical can cause congenital disabilities, cancer, and other reproductive harm.
  5. OSHA hazard communication standard (HCS) includes label requirements that are printed or shown through graphic informational elements about the hazardous chemical. All distributors, chemical manufacturers, importers, or distributors need to label hazardous chemicals with the following information:
    • Name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer, distributor, or importer
    • Product identifier or name of the product
    • Signal word
    • Hazard statement(s)
    • Precautionary statement(s)
    • Pictograms

For more information on OSHA's brief for the HCS, check out this PDF file.

Print in a Size and Shape That Fits All the Label Requirements

Select a shape and size that will print all the components of your warning labels. Both cut-to-size and roll labels come in the standard square, rectangle, circle, or oval. If your warning label needs more space to show the copy and pictograms, you can combine the width and height specific to your design under the "Custom" shape for the roll format.

Talk to Our Experts About the Ins and Outs of Custom Printing

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Warning Labels FAQs

Can I submit a file of my warning labels design?

Yes, you can upload a print-ready file straight to the PrintPlace site. Complete the specifications based on your design file on the online calculator. Go to "Upload Now" at the bottom of the calculator, which will take you to the "Upload Your Design" page. Here you can get the file directly from your computer or Dropbox.

Can I review the warning labels file before it's printed?

You can request a free PDF proof online and view it before sending your approval for printing. On the file upload page, choose "I need a PDF proof" from the "Proofing Options" section. Your PDF proof will be available for download from the Shopping Cart after upload after selecting that option. We will only print the file after receiving your approval.

Is there a layout template I can use in my preferred editing program?

You can download a layout template and use it in your go-to editing program. Go to the "Layout Templates" tab and select the size you need. A ZIP folder containing all the accepted file formats will download to your computer. All layout templates include the bleed, trim, and caution zone to ensure an accurate print. Check out this PDF to see what constitutes a print-ready file.

What is the most durable material available for custom warning labels?

Under the cut-to-size format, a white vinyl sticker is the most durable with its waterproof and weatherproof properties. Among the roll format options, the BOPP types are waterproof, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant.

Do I save more with bulk printing?

Yes, the higher your order quantity, the lower you spend per label piece. The online calculator will show the total and unit price after selecting the functional features for your warning labels.

Warning Labels Layout Templates

Our layout templates also ensure that your warning labels meet our printing guidelines with bleed lines. You may download the right layout template for your label in EPS, PDF, or JPG format.

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