Packaging Sleeves

Brand Your Boxes With Cost-Effective Custom Packaging Sleeves

Looking for a fast, efficient, and high-quality way to brand hundreds of boxes? Design custom packaging sleeves you can easily wrap around in seconds. It saves you the time and effort of designing an entire box. You can showcase your brand name and logo while providing important information about the product. All sleeves are made of sturdy 100 lb. paper that elevates the professional image of your company.

How to Create Your Next Set of Packaging Sleeves

Select the correct size for your package. The smallest size starts at 4”x 2” and goes up to 26” x 12”. Measure the length and width of the areas that will be covered by the sleeve.

Print on one or both sides. Your company logo or name is the first thing customers see on the front side of the packaging sleeves. You can also print on the other side to include any details they’ll need to know about your product, such as the ingredients and wash instructions. Full-color printing applies to both areas.

Add protective gloss or matte coating. Vibrant and shiny gloss coating makes colors bright and bold even from afar. It also protects your design from fingerprints and dust. Matte is perfect for rustic or elegant designs with neutral and pastel colors.

Order in larger quantities to save more per sleeve. You can order at least 250 pieces or up to 10,000 packaging sleeves. The larger your order quantity, the less you spend per sleeve.

Add double-sided tape to quickly seal each sleeve. You can add half an inch-wide double-sided tape to your order. This facilitates faster packaging of the sleeve on each box. Perfect for small quantities that you’ll be prepping by hand.

Upload your design or create one using our easy-to-use design tool.

Packaging Sleeves Layout Templates

Our layout templates will show you how to format your artwork. This ensures your Packaging Sleeves print correctly. Our Packaging Sleeves layout templates are downloadable in the format(s) available below:

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Need help with our layout templates?
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