Step and Repeat Banners

Bring Your Brand to Any Event With Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Use custom step and repeat banners to improve your brand's recognition at corporate galas, company parties, or trade shows using custom step and repeat banners. It's easy to create a backdrop that repeats your logo and serves as the ideal photo opportunity for a glamorous event.

Get the Right Size

Choose a step and repeat size that can accommodate the small or large number of guests at your event. Our three most popular choices (measured as width by height) are as follows:

  • 5' x 8' works best for solo, full body shots of your guests. Its long width shifts the focus on two or one repeated logo.
  • 8' x 8' has a longer width for medium-sized group shots and up to three logos repeated as a background.
  • 10' x 8' is our most popular size available. It can accommodate up to six individuals in one image and allows for a central logo or several repeated logos.

Materials Built to Last

We offer three materials suitable for any event setting. Choose one that fits your step and repeat banner printing needs.

13 oz. vinyl

  • Tear-resistant and survives in temperatures below -4°F
  • Matte finish comes out in clear detail under a bright light
  • The go-to affordable option

18 oz. matte vinyl

  • Withstands outdoor elements such as strong winds and temperatures below -22°F
  • Fungus and tear-resistant
  • Lasts up to 5 years outdoors
  • Comes in an elegant, smooth matte finish

Get a Stronger Hold With These Hanging Options

You can order a step and repeat banner with or without a stand, depending on how you plan to assemble it.

Banner-only orders come with the following treatments as alternative hanging options:

  • Pole pockets come from folding the banner's extended material and then folding it to create a hole at the top and the bottom. A pole is slid through, which hangs the banner from above and/or secures it at the bottom.
  • Grommets are small metal rings where ropes are slid through for a stronger hold. They are normally added to reinforce the banner's hold.

Orders with a stand also include top and bottom pole pockets.

How to Assemble Your Step and Repeat Banners

Wondering how to assemble your event step and repeat banner plus stand order? These steps can easily be done by one person.

Step 1: Connect

Connect the top and bottom horizontal telescoping poles. Make sure both horizontal pole sets have the same length.

Step 2: Screw to Connect

Use the screw to connect the base to the vertical telescoping pole. Extend the vertical poles to their length then connect them together.

Step 3: Connect the Horizontal Poles

Adjust the horizontal poles to a length a little past the banner length. Connect the top horizontal poles into the pole pocket at the top of the banner.

Step 4: Screw

Tighten the top horizontal pole to the vertical poles with a screw knob.

Step 5: Insert the Horizontal Pole

Roll the banner out before placing the horizontal poles at the bottom of the banner. Insert the horizontal pole into the bottom pole pocket.

Step 6: Screw Knob

For step 6, attach the bottom horizontal pole to the vertical poles with the screw knob. This step is the same with step 4 but for the bottom part.

Step 7: Secure

Double check if the vertical telescope poles are securely attached.

Step 8: Adjust the Bases

Adjust the bases before standing the banner up.

Note: After standing the banner up, check if the telescope poles need to be tightened a little bit more. They should be secure, but avoid over tightening, as this will make disassembly difficult.

Print step and repeat banners today and your order can be shipped after 1 business day. Not sure how to start? Download one of our layout templates or call our print experts.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

What is the difference between a step and repeat banner and a backdrop?

Both products show several printed logos that serve as a background during photo opportunities. Step and repeat banners, however, come in smaller sizes compared to backdrops. The banners are also set up with a stand, while backdrops are placed on a board or against a wall.

What is the standard size of a step and repeat banner?

The size you choose will depend on your event’s number of guests and the number of logos in the design. See the images below as a reference for the estimated scale of the 3 most popular sizes:

How is the banner and/or stand shipped?

The stand and its different parts are shipped in a bag for easy storage. The banner comes in another package.

What material is the step and repeat banner made of?

The banner can be printed in two materials: crease-resistant 13 oz. vinyl or outdoor-friendly 18 oz. matte vinyl.

Can I print double-sided banners?

Yes, you can print on both sides. Select “Full Color Both Sides” as your Printed Side on the online calculator.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

You only need to wait 1 business day for custom step and repeat banner orders. This applies to both banner only and banner plus stand order. Note that the printing turnaround is the number of days to produce the step and repeat banners. Shipping time to your indicated address starts after the printing turnaround.

Step and Repeat Banner Layout Templates

Use our step and repeat banner layout templates to ensure your artwork is sized and formatted correctly. PrintPlace layout templates can be downloaded for each standard size below, in a variety of popular formats.

View Step and Repeat Banners Layout Templates

Need help with our layout templates?
Please refer to our guided layout instructions.

Add Glamour to Events With Step and Repeat Banners

Not sure how to make a step and repeat banner? When designing your step and repeat banners, you need to emphasize your brand. Here are a few tips on designing one.

  • Diagonal or alternating patterns is the standard layout. This is especially useful for businesses with multiple logos for several products or smaller companies.
  • Shoutout to your sponsors. Aside from your logos, you may also use your step and repeat banner to thank the sponsors of your event. Especially for corporate events such as fundraisers, this is a great way to show appreciation to your business partners.
  • Always complement your colors. All your logos should complement one another. Avoid placing logos with contrasting colors next to each other.
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