Pop Up Displays

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  • Highly-visible 8’ and 10’ - wide frames
  • Machine-washable stretch fabric
  • Optional LED lights
  • Replacement displays available

Make Your Brand POP  with Pop-Up Display Printing

Pop-up display printing is a popular way for businesses to make a splash at trade shows. These highly-visible, yet portable, displays will definitely get customers running to your booth.

What Are Pop-Up Displays?

Pop-up banners are banners that are attached to a metal frame. Unlike retractable banners or x banner stands, pop-up banners take up more room but are just as stable. They nicely complement other common trade show materials such as business cards, flyers, and sales sheets.

Perfect for Trade Shows

Trade show pop-up displays are available in two frame sizes: 8’ and 10’. Banners are sized 89” x 89” for the 8’ frame, and 118” x 89” for the 10’ frame. The stretch fabric banners are machine-washable, making it possible to use as many times as needed. Should you need to update your banner, you can print fabric pop-up displays to replace the old one and reuse the original stand.

The pop-up banner can be attached to the stand with Velcro® and magnetic safety connectors. Optional LED lights can also be ordered to illuminate your pop-up display and draw even more customers to your trade show booth.

How to Set Up Pop-Up Banners

They are not preassembled, banners get shipped separately and not assembled.

Setting your pop-up display is easy. Simply take it out of the bag, stretch it out on a flat surface, attach the corner plastic connectors, and lift up until upright. Magnetic receptors will automatically connect, assisting you in the process.

Note: A handy trolley bag is provided with each custom pop-up display for easy storage and transport.

Contact our friendly print experts with any questions about printing pop-up displays.

Download assembly/setup instructions here