Shipping Boxes

  • An affordable way to ship bulk items
  • Heavy-duty material built for impact
  • Delivered pre-glued for easy assembly
  • Design & preview your box in 3D

No Minimum Quantity
No Minimum Quantity
 High-quality, Full-Color Prints
High-quality, Full-Color Prints
Intuitive Online 3D Design Tool
Intuitive Online 3D Design Tool
Sustainably Sourced & Recyclable Materials
Sustainably Sourced & Recyclable Materials
Free Artwork File Check
Free Artwork File Check

How to Order


Customize Your Box.

Choose the specifications of your custom boxes starting with the dimensions, material, printed sides, and quantity.


Design Your Box.

Create your design with the help of our intuitive online 3D design tool or upload your artwork.


Receive Your Box.

Once we’ve produced your custom boxes, simply wait for them to be delivered to your home or office.

Get Inspired

Keep Your Deliveries Fresh and Intact With Sleek Shipping Boxes

Step up your company’s style every time you deliver bulk items. Customize every detail to fit your range of products and to represent your brand in the best possible light. Choose from a variety of interior dimensions that can house differently sized items—from wine bottles, clothing sets, canned goods, to soaps, and books. Our online calculator makes it easy to input and combine the exact measurements.

Determine the size of your shipping boxes based on the following ranges:

  • Length: 2" – 30"
  • Width: 2" – 29"
  • Depth: 2.5" – 32"

These measurements refer to the interior dimensions of the box. If you want to add some wiggle room for your products, it’s best to add space on either side of the box.

Customize Every Feature and Preview Your Box on the Online 3D Design Tool

See your custom shipping box come to life, straight on your browser, as you select the exact specifications and details you need.

Create the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Print on both the interior and exterior of your shipping boxes, showcasing the colors, visualsgraphics, and other tactile elements of your brand. If you prefer a minimalist style, other options include inside-only and outside-only full-color printing.

You can also order blank or unprinted shipping boxes. To do this, just customize the dimensions of your shipping boxes and select No Printing (blank) in the printed sides option.

customized shipping box

Go for Classic, Luxury, or Rustic—Whatever Suits Your Style

Print in a color that matches the high-end quality or the down-to-earth approach of your business.

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

  • A fresh, simple, and clean appearance
  • Offers a smooth and bright finish to colors
  • The affordable option for minimalist designs
Premium White Corrugated Cardboard

Premium White Corrugated Cardboard

  • Comes with a soft, smooth finish
  • The top choice for luxury, high-end brands
  • Brings out the vibrancy of bold colors
Kraft (Brown)  Corrugated Cardboard

Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

  • Made of partially recyclable materials
  • Offers a rustic texture and color
  • Suited for simple and natural designs
Premium White  Corrugated with Glossy Ink

Premium White Corrugated with Glossy Ink

  • Takes that high-end look to the next level
  • Shiny gloss on the smooth, white surface
  • Perfect for highlighting specific details on the box

Witness and Create Your Design in 3D

After inputting your specs on the online calculator, follow these steps after selecting “Design Your Shipping Box Online” at the bottom.

  1. Add the key brand elements on the shipping box exterior. Combine colors, add text, and include images using the left-hand menu. Edit each element using the top menu. Click on the section you’re designing to preview it in 3D on the right side.
  2. Move the 3D box around to study the details of your exterior box design. You can view it with an open or closed lid.
  3. Complete the design on the inside. Select ‘Add Inside Printing’ below your exterior design. Confirm the specs on the pop-up window that appears.

Have questions? Consult our print experts. They’ll gladly walk you through the process and explain any technical details that need clarification.

Custom Shipping Box

Need to See It to Believe It?

Order a sample custom box based on your design specifications. Your order will be shipped within 5 business days.

Select “1” as your quantity after choosing your box’s features.

Custom Shipping Box FAQ

Absolutely. You can order one (1) custom shipping box with your own design and preferred size and we’ll ship it after 5 business days.

The standard printing time for our custom shipping boxes falls anywhere between 20 to 25 business days. The actual ETA of your order depends on your location. Click Get Shipping Estimate just below the product calculator and provide your ZIP code to know the expected delivery date of your order.

Yes, we do. We review the designs for free to make sure that we can avoid any errors during production. Most of the time, we make the necessary adjustments when we spot technical printing flaws. But in some instances that may require their attention, we reach out to our customers for further instructions.

PDF is our recommended file format. But we also accept JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, and EPS.

No, we do not accept any files sent directly through this page. However, you can input all the applicable specs on the online calculator and then choose “Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template.”

A dieline template will be sent for you to use with your ready design. This PDF file shows the shipping box’s flat layout. It serves as a guide on where to place your design portions on the box’s different panels. It also includes the printing guidelines to ensure accurate production.

You may also design your box using our 3D design tool. Just click “Design Your Product Box Online” on the product calculator. Here are examples of shipping boxes you can design on our website:

We choose the thickness based on the dimensions of your shipping boxes. But as a general rule, we use our thickest material for the larger boxes to boost their weight capacity as these are typically used for shipping multiple items. If you have a preferred box thickness, you can reach out to us through our customer service team.

Shipping Box

Prime Packaging at Modest Prices

Looking to add special features such as spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, or custom inserts in your shipping boxes? Contact our packaging specialists for more information. They’ll discuss the details and process your order from start to finish.